Jul 24 2007Office Chair Bike


Instructables has a nice tutorial on how this guy put together an Office Chair Bike after finding a 35 pound leather executive chair, a Princess bike, and a variety of other parts in a dumpster. And I'm not saying it's the greatest bike ever built, but, well, it is. God himself could put together a bike and it wouldn't be this glorious.

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Guy is creepy. Fact.

I think a guy in the Tour de France is already using one of those. I know I saw one yesterday during stage 15.

Today is a rest day so check tomorrow, it should be there.

I can see some problems with this: You're riding along at a relatively slow pace. There's no traffic. You start to doze off(those office chairs are comfy). Suddenly, a truck turns a corner. Half asleep, you don't notice until its too late. BAM! You're road pizza. Still pretty cool bike.

Yeah, #2....I get right on to checking up on the Tour de Surrender. Is that thing even still going on?

I want me one of those new-fangled bi-cycles.

How do you get out in time not to fall off?

The chair seems like it might weigh the bike down a lot. Comfortable, interesting idea, but riding that beast up a steep hill might be nearly impossible.

Cool that he found all the parts in a dumpster and built it.

I would ride one just for shits and giggles. Here in Portland, Oregon, all the bicycle morons think they're gods, this would be fun.

#8, tell me about it, I love watching the bike douches almost get hit by buses.

I just have one question about the bike though...
Does it have to have a seatbelt to be street-legal?

I couldnt use it. I'd be too tempted to buy the services of a hooker and have her do lap dances for me, resulting in my not seeing where we're going and crashing....

I curse the day hookers were born!

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