Jul 12 2007Man gets egg legs


Doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing have developed an egg cup-like casing for a miracle survivor who was cut in half in a freak accident back in 1995. It took 20 doctors to save his life and nobody thought he'd be able to do anything again, but when doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre heard about his case they created these robotic legs for him. It's always neat when technology is used for good. And even neater when it's used for destruction. Like this robotic bear-shark I'm working on. The world is mine!



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lunch time on the west coast sucka!

He's like a robot midget. Neat-o! Get him a show about him and his family on TLC, or whatever.

p.s. i like egg man's shoes. they add a little air of humpty dumpty-ness.
hmmm... was that too insensitive??

It wasnt insensitive enough

And when he relieves him self it just builds in the bucket he sits in so he swashes around in his own urine and feces. Yeah Science!!!

I imagine relieving himself involves a colostomy bag and urinary catheter in a backpack Joe Mamma. Yeah medical know-it-alls!

Why isn't that doctor wearing any pants??

I thought technology was far more advanced than bunny egg legs here. this looks more like a 3rd grade science project.

I'm sure he's thrilled to be (sort of) walking again but why did they have to give him the Herve Villechaize model?

And they forgot a wiener.

He looks like a frickin' chinese midget ken doll.

This is the country that poisons the pet food, fills dumplings with cardboard and executes people for trademark infringement. The guy's lucky they didn't just leave him to die in a corner. The Olympics must be coming up or something.


I'm amazed at how people can laugh at other people's misfortunes as well as fortunes.

China, you say? I bet $100 that those shoes are counterfeits.

His facial expression is just something else...

They coulda built a shell similar to the one they used now but attach it to a segway motor system, and then the guy could be rolling around everwhere.

Agreed, #17. Why go through the trouble of giving him chicken legs when a small motor and 2 big wheels (and possibly a smaller 3rd) would have done a better job of mobilizing him

When I first saw that picture, I thought the lil' guy was pulled back in a slingshot. Then I was disappointed.

Anybody else see that?

Looks like he's already scoring with the chicks. Fan lady scopin' him out.

#17, you're definitely on to something. I see no reason why well-designed wheel system would be worse than some robot chicken legs that take years of training to use, and even then probably can't walk up stairs or over rough terrain. There's definitely a market for better apparatus.

Lucky bastard. I would LOVE egg legs.

#16, how would you feel if you lost your but finally got the chance to walk again?

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.


lol, why do the shoes have laces? is he ever gunna walk around bare foot? or is it so he can change into basketball shoes or horse riding boots? WAIT I FORGOT he has no legs!

is it just me or doesnt everyone want to know how he got cut in half...

"With all surviving odds against him, Peng Shulin’s body was cut in half by a large transport truck in 1995, leaving his doctors shocked and amazed by his survival. Not only is it a miracle that he has lived to tell the tale, he’s now learning to walk again"


to the important part: how the f*** does he take a dump or a piss?!

how does he poop, for god's sake?

I never imagined some people can be so sarcastic and inhuman.the kind of comments above says it all.such persons do not deserve to be a human.I have all the sympathy for this poor guy.and the doctors are trying whatever they can think of helping this poor man.good work.

You are all a bunch of stupid american assholes, f****=#E?in idiots. First of all, America has the most people in prisons per 1000 civilians. Secodnly, America has most executions on 1000 civilians. And you make inhuman remarks here. Fckn stupid idiots. Howerer u turn this, you don't worth a shit this man poop out of his catatre, u fckn fgs, primitive idi'ts. And talking about poisoning food....what do u think you eat? F***in chemicles! For difference of Asians, that in majority still have natural vegetables on they plate. Maybe that's one of the reasons u r so fckin fat and only wishing u had a f***grl as grls in baywatch in your bad. U fckn primitive assholes. Livin in your world, don't even notice the rest of the world is passin you on the left side....

wow that is really weird i think that they should put a video or something in here showing how he walks cause i think that would be pretty weird....lol

life is life

Wow, this is incredable. I cannot IMAGINE having to live like that, it would be horrible, uncomfortable, and painful. But then again, so amazing for him to survive something like this, he must be strong.


Wow Marcus where is all this anger coming from? You don't understand American humor; we Americans are cruel and sarcastic and quite proud of it. Yes, we have the most prisoners and executions per 1000. You forget that a percentage of those imprisoned and executed are innocent. LOL Also, some people that we should have executed were not. Many imprisoned are on the 3 strikes law or for victimless crimes. Yes, China has already passed us by. On the bright note, I agree with #17. Now in Japan, Honda has created the ASIMO walking robot. Use the lower half of the robot. We are not to far off from androids and cyborgs, but it won't happen soon since there is no money to be made from altruism.

Pobre cabron, yo creo que ni verga ni huevos tiene.

Pues que fue lo que le pas?

Lo parti un tren, o es una venganza de algn narcotraficante mexicano?

Digo, yo saba que los narcos mexicanos acostumbran a decapitar, pero no a partir en dos a los weyes.

Terrible Tommy T so americans are really proud being cruel and sarcastic to people.. oh well, thats pathetic.. and whats even worse is that you call it an "american humor?h" now i understand why americans have massive acts of student violence, gang, bullying and teen suicide. not to mention your pile of cases of people suffering from psychotic disorder. and one thing i noticed with american kids, they do not respect their parents... no family ties.

tho some amrericans are good but most of them are bad, arrogant, money hungry, lazy and fat some say.

I'm amazed at how people can laugh at other people's misfortunes,
I think this guy has done amazingly well and just greatful to be alive.
He is stronger than a lot of people out there in the world...... others would want to just give up but he is a fighter and he wants to learn to walk not get wheels
attatched. Well done on him.

#39, I Couldn't Agree More. It Is People Like This That Make The World An Ignorant Place To Live In, Because Of The Amount Of Prejudice. I'm Only 16, And I Know Not To Judge Someone.This Man Is Amazing, And I Bet To Many, An Idol. Well Done To Him. I Wish Him All The Best. x

I Think Your All Nasty but a would lyke a pair of them for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Urgh! nasty as hell!

Mr. Potato is alive!

the bottom part looks live Barbie plastic

Wankers, silly china man tink he can whalk, me no like chuk chuk, but now i walk and hit you with my nun chuk, hing luu waah no choy muchetila

we should thanx God for havin' legs. you know we're worried about stupid things. And we dont pay atention to simple things that sorround us. may be you may lough at this guy misfortune or even my words, that is human nature. We must be more spiritual no more human. The spirit of The God Almighty is the only One capable of changing our minds. Find HIM.

how the f*** does he take a piss or crap

i feel bad we should thank god for or site and legs and arms many people suffer badly were one of the lucky ones unlike him we have legs

poor bugger no legs SHIT HAPENS no cunt here been to a kids hospital, fkn wake up. rip his legs off make the cunt rollabout. stick him to a remote controlled car and race it he must have friends. Finally stop slagging USA great place. NEED THEM TO KEEP THE POPULATION DOWN. keep up the good work. Martin SCOTLAND

first of all, let me say, in the nicest possiable way, all of you trash talking americans, shut the f*** up. not all of us are like that.

second, i think it is very unfortunate for this man, and many other who struggle with issues such as these. and for you fools to laugh at them, is certainly low of yourselves. many people have had terriable things happen to them. alot of them protecting YOU during the time being. it is very sad that you idiots feel the need to laugh at them. before you do that, try picturing what it would be like to struggle with injuries like that. now add the pain of people making fun of you into that mess. now SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.!! :)

Haha, I like how the comments of this went completely off topic.

A man who hadn't been able to walk walks again and all you guys do is bash america.

I can tell you really treasure what's important.

The GOD Say in Quraan:
“O you who believe! Let not a group scoff at another group, it may be that the latter are better than the former“

LOL stupid ass..ALL OF the shoes in America ARE MADE IN CHINA..so how can it be counterfit if it came out of the same country?

does he still have a dick?

God Bless you!

I agree with comment #17, they could of seriously done something better then this. Hell even a 'Hover-Round' would of been cheaper and easier to get around in. When I first saw this last month I thought he looked like someone took a Mr Potato and used that for his lower half.

And comment #47 - we should thank evolution for legs....not God. God is a figment of the primitive mind.

Joe Mamma;
he hasnt got an ass, how does he shit? he was cut in half man.
good theory though :)

Wow, that's absolutely incredible, and very inspiring. I really wonder how they were able to save his life? That's amazing..

Here is a guy who lost most of himself in an accident and lives to remember it.
On the other hand, people think the latest and greatest technology is a damn blackberry. I am not impressed with a blackberry, or any other communication device. And I am not impressed with those prosthetic legs either. I could have taken a 5 gallon plastic bucket, attached a cabinet door hinge on either side, bolted two aluminum chair legs on them, and tied on a new pair of Nikes and the effect would be the same.
We have the technology. Hell, the Chinese have the technology; they got it from us. Don't you think that man deserves to be strutting around on a manly-looking pair of bionic legs?

Grand effort and I wish him all the best.
Oh by the way those who are so clamoring to be seen as experts in irreverent humor. There is s thin line between funny and sub-human-ship in that area. You are making great strides towards record breaking low stooping on you own human dignity now aren't ya. Congrats. Yours is a life well lived.

Sorry to hear such unbelieveable comments.
"We are what we say", let us remember that.

If you guys feel much much superior as an individu or just on the name of your country. There is much better ways you may prove yourselves.
Support this unlucky man.
Come on..., don't just talk useless rude words like you did just now.
Give him your latest technology like you said you have one. If it is any better.

Will you say the same rude comments if it is your wife, girlfriend, husband, mother, father, daughter, son or whoever the closest person to you who must undergo all of that ?

Will you still keep that dumb smiles on your face if people say such rude comments on that situation ?

Show some respect.
We are not animals.
* * * * *

As for all of you who were defending or making fun of this unfortunate cripple we must find a common ground between us and within ourselves. I do feel for this half man half nothing lol But at the same time we shouldent hold back on our humor unless our comedy has gone overboard. Besides if i lost my legs, asshole and possibly my cahonas i would eventualy get over myself and crack some nice lame jokes as well.


ha ha ha ha ha
wanker lol

lol @ #32... u speak like a 'stupid american asshole'

YO! dont make fun of him just becuz he have funny legs so .. who cares imagine it was u. u wouldnt like it if ppl laughed at u so dont laugh at him. imagine what kind of life hes having. not able to walk again ...thats sad and what even sadder is that u dont even care. If i were you i would watch my mouth this is what my family says dont laugh at them cuz your children might come out like that too or dont laugh at them cuz you might have an accident and you may not end up not walking again. I have a neighbor and she walks funny and i have a 2 friends that one has a little mouth and has the tiniest hands TINY and this ppl always make fun of her cuz and shes always crying and the other one has her middle finger and the pointer together. Thyre nice. They accept he way they are cuz jesus created them like that. DONT MAKE FUN OF THEM !

impressive, but ...disgusting!!!!!!!!!

Wow Americans do have sense of humor! I thought american humor is all about farting and falling, but now I am starting to respect some smart sarcastic Americans. #9, 12, 19 and 44 - you really made my day! And to those who got offended - you are those stupid Americans who made America to lose it's honesty and put mask of a fake "Ahhh" smile on everything. Well, every country has some smart and countless closed-minded stupid people.

If this man could be brought to the United States, i bet he could get a better set of prosthetic legs/lower half. Oh and i love it how people on here bag on Christians. I am a Christian and who gave you the right to bag on my God, in fact he is your God and creator.

Cybernetics should advance within the next 40 years. Maybe this man could live that long. I really dont know. But he is lucky to be alive. How would you like to be cut in half and live with no lower half?

If i was this man i would be happy to be able to have some mobility. Sure its not the greatest in the world. None-the-less its still mobility. Now if it so happened that i was ever split in half i would like to be the "guinea pig" to cybernetic advancements.

there is a woman born without the other half

the legs have a good side when you get old you can steal walk or run if you couldn' see there is a thing that makes you see but iwthout colores and this thing make you see perfect forever that's the good part i hope this man read this comment :P

amazing !!! what science can do now ....

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