Jul 3 2007Apple replaces broken iPhone


This clumsy fool broke his iPhone less than 24 hours after getting it. He brought it back to the Apple store and those glorious bastards replaced it for free. He writes:

Well, I guess I'm the clumsiest person in the world. I managed to smash the screen less than 24 hours after I got it. I tried answering a call while it was plugged in and the short cord pulled it out of my hand and hit the corner of a table on the way down. 100% my fault. Believe it or not, I brought this into the Apple store and they gave me a brand new phone for free. Talk about fantastic customer care. I am in love 4-eva with Apple.

Apple is really on a roll here. And it's not even necessary because they've already won my heart. The flowers and chocolate they sent me last week were enough. And the poem? *swoon*

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First again bitches! Man i have no life....

Who would have thought, a product whose face is mostly screen would break if you dropped it? Strange. That was pretty awesome of Apple to replace it for free though. Didn't know they had a clumsy clause in the warranty.

uhhhh, so what!

gotta love the glass screen they put on those

A local radio station taped one to fireworks this morning and set them off melting the phone to nothingness. Suppose they plan on replacing that one for free too, right?

Good job replacing the scratch-prone plastic screens to shatter-prone glass screens at the last minute Apple. That's much better.

What dumbass decided that a glass screen is a good idea. Wouldn't something plastic do better?

How about the obvious "don't drop your f*cking phone" ? Who cares if it's glass or plastic -- if I dropped my monitor (for example) I wouldn't call Dell and blame them.

In any case I bet he buys a super-ultimate-padded case for his iphone after all this attention.

Yes but will they do this for everyone or is it just a calculated PR move? Sexy AND evil...what a winning combination. Like me.

Like when they asked me 197 Eur to change the screen of my Ipod, payed 199 E.
Man, this is customer care.

Like when they asked me 197 Eur to change the screen of my Ipod, payed 199 E.
Man, this is customer care. Apple portable products are just ridiculously fragile.

I lol'd. Somewhere between "4-eva" and the fact that he was stupid enough to break it snapped my funny bone. Thanks, Apple. I'll never be able to laugh again. =(

They replaced my laptop power cable after my new dog bit it in half. man i love those guys.

Did they replace it then and there? If so, they are lying about not having any in stock!

I'll wait till the second gen at least.

Glass is more resistant to scratching than plastic. Plastic doesn't break as easy tho. :\

I like how the guy put a piece of Scotch tape over the broken glass.

We can totally grab that fingerprint off the image and figure out who he is!

Two things:
(a) It's pretty damn sturdy and stable glass, but it ain't gonna survive a solid knock against the corner of the table.
(b) The guy was technically screwed, the warranty does NOT cover damage. Apple store staff probably replaced it out of sheer pity, or because they were capturing broken iPhones to study.

But when I brought my iPod into an Apple store after it died, and it was still under warranty, they still made me pay $75 for a "refurbished replacement" or buy a new one. Apple customer service SUCKS.

they pretty much had to replace it. It was still in working condition, and was shattered right by the ear piece. If they didnt replace it, he would have had to continue to use it due to the 2 year agreement, and if he cut up his ear at all he would have a heavy lawsuit and probably win.

Jesus Christ I know that fingerprint!

how much is the iPhone

@Kelly: They've always had trouble with the iPods. But look how many damn people have them, so do they care?

@gnat: $499 for the 4g, $599 for the 8g. I just put my 8g on pre-order and it totalled out to $650ish.

: /

apple is gay, and so are you

Apple's customer service is awesome as long as you're patient and know how to play your cards right. They have so far bought me 2 new iPods (different generations on a same case number) and a new desktop with a few upgrades because some asshole from their Genius Bar f***ed my old dual-core PPC. That, and if they know you at the store, they'll do anything to make sure you come back.

"Apple's customer service is awesome"...

"some asshole from their Genius Bar f***ed up my old dual-core PPC."


Hey at least you've managed to destroy two iPods. They must be pretty rugged if you only destroyed two.

This story is PURE PUBLIC RELATIONS. If you can't see through marketing ploys like these then you might as well chalk yourself up as a hopeless victim of the system. You have to understand that APPLE KNOWS broken screens are going to be a huge issue and they are leaking out stories like this one to pacify all the doubters and convert them into a sale.

Play the game, don't let the game play you, people!

Apple fails. short cord and easily shatered screen comon

I just busted my Iphone and the Apple Store replaced it. Although they said it's a one-time thing.

What store did u go to? My screen is broke and they wanted me to pay $250 to get it fix!!!!!!

what happened to the "MagSafe Power Adapter" that Apple made to stop this very problem? or is that only for MacBooks? if you don't know what I'm talking about, google "MagSafe" The Apple guys need a more wholesome breakfast or something!

Great for Apple customer care. So.. a guy buys a 600$ phone, breaks it and it gets replaced. I bought a 1st rev Macbook, in a year and a month it's been at the "mac doctor" three times already. Two cover replacement, a new hard drive, a new mother board, plus Apple refuses to change the screen which is showing white smudges all over the screen (like over exposed pixel areas)... I WANT A NEW COMPUTER, no this damn flawed 1st gen crap they sold me. Plus, my warranty expired. They "suggested" me to buy Apple Care to avoid having to pay the next time my computer happens to fail as a result of another industrial design error.

But hey, the guygot a new iphone :@

Anybody who forks out $500+ for a phone _should_ get a broken screen. While the phone is inserted in his rectum. Assuming there's room in there with his head... Are they still running "Consume... CONSUME!!! BUY SOMETHING!!!" messages subliminally on television, or do they just scroll it across the caption bar at the bottom these days? Meh.

You asswipes that harp on the price of the iPhone crack me up. Thanks to SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive iPhone voice/data plans (vs. other "smart" phones), the iPhone's net cost for phone + service isn't any different (over the standard two-year contract) vs. something like a Blackberry Curve. Actually, the Curve is MORE expensive. And if you have the phone/service for longer than two years, you'll save even more money (again, thanks to the less expensive voice/data plans for iPhone).

I've used and tried most of the "smart" phones out there. None of them are as much a joy to use as is the iPhone.

well....how do I patiently and wisely explain this to Apple Care so that they will realize that this just isn't feasible and repair my screen for free?

I open my car door and step out of the driver's seat. Then I remember that my iPhone is sitting in my lap when ....it fell from my lap onto the driveway (less than 3 ft drop, I am 5'7'').

take a look at the damage for yourself: http://utexas.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2078664&l=6dbd3&id=220804

now compare my story to these other video clips of iPhone Stress testing.

no damage

damage after second drop

I dropped my iPhone from about 2' high and broke the glass. Apple charges me $250 to replace the phone. I think that any modern handheld device should withstand such a fall and not require replacement. Surely the use of tempered glass or better shock insulation or both would have been expected. I will no longer be a positive ambassador for the iPhone, and I'm no longer planning on getting an iMac because of my experience.

I dropped on the carpet, intentionally, thinking it won't break, but it did.
Apple said same thing. They charge $250 and takes 3-5 business days and they can rent phone at $29. Maybe I should get phone insurance.

>> I will no longer be a positive ambassador for the iPhone.

Me, either.

Same same, 4 days old, my wife drops it geting out of a car. The Apple store clerk said "Buy a new phone." Wasn't the most helpful guy in the world ...

mine broke today on 6" drop

AT & T said $400--no concession, no courtesy

My friend dropped his Iphone from about 2' and its screen broke.. so I laughed and told him that I drop my curve alllll the freaking time and its fine. I then took my blackberry curve 8300 and threw it about 20' into the air.. it got a small scratch on the back of it thats it. apples iphones are teh suck. $400 for a big POS that is fragile and eats batterys fast as hell.

BOO Apple!!!! Same story....my phone dropped out of my hand (about 2 feet) and landed face down. i was so relieved when it didn't have any pieces pop off but when i turned it over the corner of the screen was shattered. apple store said $250. what a rip-off!!!!!!

they should be doing two things: 1) WARN customers that it's glass!!!! (i had no idea...i really knew zip about the phone.) 2) if it really breaks that easily, they should throw in a protective case that will absorb some of the shock if dropped or at the very least STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to buy one. i think if given the option of a $10 case vs. a minimum $250 replacement fee, most people would go ahead and buy it. i know i would have!

my husband really wants me to get it fixed. since i've loved it so much (the less than a month that i've had it.) the only reason i got it was i needed something to be able to text to my daughter and i wanted a full blown keyboard to do so. (i'd never texted before). i'd never had a nice phone before but figured i'd go for it and impress my kids with how cool i was.

but i'm thinking i'm more likely to hold a grudge here. i'm thinking i'd be better off getting some other fancy phone that has a full keyboard, isn't made of glass, and i don't kow, might carry some kind of insurance plan?

shame on apple........makes me think they're not really in the techno gizmo business, but rather the techno gizmo REPAIR business!!!!

I too dropped and broke my iphone screen...

amazing device, but not easy to hold under ear without hands!!!

A friend has had her phone less than one week. Today she dropped the iphone a distance of about 30 inches onto SOFT PLUSH CARPET; the screen shattered. This tells me there is a structural problem with the tempering of the glass. Yes, hitting the corner of a table is one thing; however plush carpeting? Give me break. I will bet there is a secret memo in Apple land saying to replace the phones and shut up.

Man, same thing with me! Had the phone less than one week - it fell off a chaise lounge - couldn't have been more than 12" - onto concrete though - cracked the glass. Very shallow fall - bought it at an ATT store - will an Apple Store work with me or must I request assistance where I bought it? Any suggestions? Thanks

I brought in my nastily-cracked iPhone and my boyfriend's naturally non-functioning iPod to the Apple Store. They concluded that we would both need to pay for replacements ($250 for a refurbed iPhone and about $160 for hardware fixes on the iPod)

Since we had two non-functioning Apple products and were clearly heartbroken about it, they ended up giving me a refurbished iPhone free of charge. It was amazing. Every company should aspire to be at least a fraction of what Apple is. That is amazing customer service.

I almost cried out of happiness, because I was really expecting to go home that night having to wonder how I can get myself to shell out another $250 just because my fully-functioning iPhone has a nasty looking screen.

PS. I agree they should have a way to repair the phones without making you buy a $250 refurbed one. I know if I ever break this one again, I'll HAVE to shell it out.

I read somewhere online that you can get State Farm Insurance on IPhones? Not sure how much truth there is on that, but it might be worthwhile to check.

PSS. They said whatever case you buy won't make-or-break (no pun intended) whether or not the screen breaks. They said it mostly matters on how HIGH it drops from (and in my mind, what part of the phone it lands on as well)

So I opted for a thin, yet rubber case. I just need something that doesn't SLIP.


i want to know that we can replace i phone screen or not and if yes that how many mony u charge for iphone screen

thanks sir.

apple does not replace broken screen i just called then, even with a the apple protection care program they wont replace it

i dropped my phone a few days ago at work. the first time i have ever dro[ped it. the screen got all jacketed. gray horrizontal lines. i called apple and explained to him what happened. he said " unfortunately we dont cover it if its accidental damage. guy was cool,told me what i could do,go to a 3rd party and get it fixed,etc.. not goof enough, I called back and talked to a guy who understood,and i explained to him that i barely dropped it, the screen was intact,and that i cant afford to get a new iphone..i was upset.. he told me that he would send me a box so that i could send it in for repair. so i bought a go phone as backup,and am crossing my fingers that apple will repair it. I think if you are persistent and act like you and upset and displeased with there customer service they will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. i know. i work retail also..

Apple stands behind thier customer care, this is not spin, or PR, or an evil agenda..
accidents happen, what is really gay is the plastic laptops that Dull and HPee manufacture, they are made of the same plastic that is used in Fisher Price toys..
I'm not a fanboy, or an Apple drone, i own a PeeCee and 2 high end Macs, so don't
jump to conclusions.
But, i am selling the POS PC - very soon !

Yay Apple ! : )

the iPhone rules. It's too bad that in such a high tech world, these devices tend to be so fragile. I do think a poly/plastic screen would be the smart choice and would probably reduce screen damage. Lexan is a brand that makes really good synthetic clear plastic that can withstand gunshots even!

This really works! I have a plotter and used it to cut the plastic and it looks brand new. You wouldn't even know I ever broke and replace the screen!!!


I too have experienced excellent customer service from Apple. When I purchased my first iPhone, ATT couldn't make it work and when I got so frustrated and said I wanted to return it, ATT said I'd have to pay a $60 restocking fee to Apple. But when I took it back to Apple, they didn't charge a restocking fee and happily refunded my money. I now have the 3G iPhone and love it.

I recently dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. I was very upset to find out my Apple care would not cover this. I was about to pay Apple $199 for the repair until I found http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They repaired my cracked iPhone 3G glass + digitizer for only $75. The best part is that they fixed it the same day they got it! I had my phone back 48 hours after I sent it in!

I bought an IPhone 3G from Orange - Jordan and after 72 hours of use my iphone has slipped from my hand and fell on the ground. When I checked my iPhone the front screen was cracked, immediately the following morning I went to Orange Mobile to fix it, and the answer was that it was not under warranty and they asked for almost USD 300.00 to replace it. Is this the Service of Apple? I need your help please.

I recently dropped and cracked my iPhone 3G screen. I took the phone to the Apple store thinking that they would assist me since I had purchased apple care. I then was informed that this was not covered with apple care and that the repair would be $199. I was very frustrated until my friend told me about http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They offered the same repair for only $69.99. I sent my phone to them and had it back within 2 days! WOW!

Please disregard the SPAM above

I've been a Long time reader here so i want to provide some input....

I was so frustrated with Apple when my iPhone glass started to crack near to the earpiece. I used my iPhone for over a week since the first crack, but the screen continued to crack. Apple priced the repair at $199. I felt I had nothing to lose, so I looked up www.crackedphonescreen.com and called (214) 550-0707. I live in Orlando, and the technician is in Dallas. We made arrangements to mail the phone, and my phone was fixed within 24 hours and shipped back to me. They only charge $89.99. They even offer LCD repair.

sorry let me link the site for you its http://www.crackedphonescreen.com

I forgot to mention they only use original Apple Parts!

ill buy ur broken iphone

I recently had my phone crack and I took it in to the apple store, eager to hear that they now repalaced the screens. What was failed to be mentioned to me is that they charge $199 to repair the screen. (hmm seems kinda high, knowing that THAT IS WHAT I PAID FOR THE PHONE!) I was very upset until I found http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They repaired my iPhone 3G screen for only $69.99 and it looked like new. They even offered me a 1 year warranty on the product. I was very impressed!

i love my iphone but these things are so sensitive I dropped my phone at work on my desk and the screen broke :( i used it for a couple months until it got annoying i finally took it to the apply store and they tried charging me $199 what a joke... I started doing some research online and found a lot of websites that do it for under $100 my friend who had recently had hers repaired recommenced me to PhoneRepairDepot.com I took it into them they repaired it for $89.99 and the phone looked better than i had originally purchased it for they gave me a 1 year warranty on the parts and labor and not only that but it only took them 30 minutes to repair call them 214-550-0404 i believe they offer mail in service for those of you who don't live in Dallas hopefully you don't have to go through this mess but if you do choose wisely

I updated my Iphone yesterday- not even 5 secconds after disconnecting the sync cord, the phone turns off and has not turned on since. Today I went to the apple store and they told me they would replace it for $199.00 BULLSHIT.
I'll never buy another apple product.

I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and just searched around for a little while and found http://www.texasphonerepair.com/ they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

I was gonna try this Apple screen swap deal when I broke my iPhone a while back but I decided to give one of these 3rd repair shops a try and save myself some money. I ended up going with http://www.uBreakiFix.com and was really impressed with the service. They had my phone back to me in a few days looking like new, pretty cool.

I recently tried this repair on my own only to find myself in very high water. I broke my LCD, my digitizer and my charge port in the process. Thank goodness for http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They had my phone repaired and back to me in less than 48 hours.


iPhone 2g, 3g, 3gs Repair & Accessories. We care for you and your iPhone!

want to get your iphone fixed? email me or check on craigslist vancouver


I had a broken screen and took it down to the apple store and they wanted $199 to fix the phone i had purchased for $99 i was ready to throw away my phone because i was so frustrated of looking at the phone one of my co workers from work had a similar problem with her several weeks back and she mentioned she had went somewhere locally to get it fixed for less than half of the price these guys are amazin took my phone to them and they fixed it in 15 MINS!!!!!

if your in dallas check them out PhoneRepairDepot.com 214-550-0404

if your not in dallas you can mail in your phone to them or just check your local craigslist and you should be able to find someone in your area.

I recently had the same problem with my iPhone. I went to apple and found out they wanted $200 to fix it. I was about to trash the darn thing before my friend told me about http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. I sent it to them, they fixed it same day for $59. I was super impressed to say the least!

That is so awesome that apple did that for you. So instead of having to go through the hassle of finding a cell phone repair shop to take care of the crack they just go ahead and give you a brand new phone! sweet stuff!

I was not so lucky with Apple but I found http://www.repairmyiphonescreen.com and got it fix like new. I cannot even tell anything was ever replaced it was that good.

Has anyone tried any of those repair sites?
My favorite right now is http://www.fix-iphones.com, but I am also looking at iresq and ubreakifix.
I am not sure which one I am going to go with, any input would be good.

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