Jul 26 2007First Person Pinball Machine


This is a few years old, but the Furminator is a first person pinball machine that puts you inside the perspective of the actual machine:

The ////furminator is a pinball machine that puts the player in a first person perspective similar to modern "EGO Shooter" video games. Like being inside a huge VR-helmet, the player's head is stuck into the ////furminator capsule. His nose is situated right behind the flipper fingers, only centimeters away from the ball. Sealed off from reality and with his head arrested inside a force-feedback-helmet, the sound- and lighteffects, the mechanical noises of the pinball and the absorbing perspective create a highly immersive mechatronic environment.

I've always wanted to play pinball in the first person. I've also wanted to play it while on fire and juggling chainsaws. Some might consider me an"unusual" person, but my mom says I'm special.

Product Page [Fursr]

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What about a first-person-sex-with-the-celebrity-you-want machine?
Gee, I'd love that.

Why the hell is it called the "Furminator"?

Is the fire extinguisher at the base of the thing for your head if the machine malfunctions? Or if you spontaneously combust because it's just that awesome?

"...with his head arrested inside a force-feedback-helmet..."


that fire extinguisher does give it a creepy touch...

looks actually more like some futuristic super-gun

It's not first person unless you see from the perspective of the ball. This is just like crouching down close to the flippers. That's like saying that I made a 3D movie about robots but really I drew a crappy sketch of a robot. That looked more like my goldfish.

God I could so write for this blog. I've got the formula down.

...except you're not funny, amy. and there's the difference.

Perhaps today's the day I take someone named uni'tard that yells "FIRST!" seriously. And...perhaps not.

Amy, you are funny! Funnier than say the technology that allows you to mechanically simulate the anal pucker grab in Evolution. I would never stick my head in there for fear of a Marie Antionette simulation!

Let them eat cake, indeed!

I hope this has a vacuum tube to suck up the gallons of vomit the average player is going to gush when they get the sensation of getting the crap knocked out of them by rubber padded paddles...hmmm...I just got aroused....


#3 - While you're playing it, you get... uh... furm?

That's the best I got. Please don't judge me.

Personally I always play pinball from a first person perspective. I've tried having an out-of-body experience just so I can watch myself play it in the third person, but sadly science and reality keep scuppering my astral wanderings.

Of course, I could always try playing it with this rig:


uni'tard.. neither are the people who actually write these. So, yeah, I think Amy would do fine. Better, actually. Hers is actually a commentary on the thing, rather than "I've always wanted to..." , "Oh, btw, I'm super attractive." or just stating the obvious "This is ridiculously expensive." But then, I guess some people like trite humor.

lol @ # 12

#14...no you make a good point. Afterwards I didn't write "but none of that matters unless you have two tickets to this gun show" and then write *flexes muscles* STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

Kick the guy in the machine! haha

and i thought my pinball machine was cool

wow my names on the website

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