Jul 12 2007Avatar Machine


Avatar Machine is a custom rig designed so the wearer can see themselves in the third person, as if they were playing an online game.

The virtual communities created by online games have provided us with a new medium for social interaction and communication. Avatar Machine is a system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character in real space via a head mounted interface. The system potentially allows for a diminished sense of social responsibility, and could lead the user to demonstrate behaviors normally reserved for the gaming environment.

This is hilarious and sad on so many levels. But mostly hilarious. Check out the video after the jump.

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Reader Comments

Where is Jack Thompson to protect me from such an obviously dangerous device?!?

At least that looser is getting some exercice =)

YES YES YES YES YES. This is the coolest thing i've seen on here in a long time. YES.

I think it's actually a VERY cool idea..

I totally want to pleasure that man so he can see me felacio him in 3rd person, I have such a ragin clue

#5 = ew. >:{

In the virtual world he's about to walk into a whorehouse. In the real world, he's about to walk off a cliff.

What's the point of this again? o_O oh yeah just furthering his girl less existence. Well if he wants to prolong it, whatever.

Well ,he'll know if somebody tried to sneek up on him and steal his wallet... except when he cries for help... as the video shows... walking like a Muppet doesn't make you any friends.

This is how Chuck Liddell is spending his money! What a fruit! Wanderlai Silva will kick his ass!

You could totally get kicked in the nuts by an midget and never see it coming.
Or you could date that fat girl and not feel so bad about it. What image do you see lying on your back?

You could totally get kicked in the nuts by a midget and never see it coming.
Or you could date that fat girl and not feel so bad about it. What image do you see lying on your back?

Yes, but does it include that ridiculous spiked wig and those puffy pants?

Ha Ha! All the people in this video look terrified of the guy in the rig. Watch the joggers glance at him and hurry on as if they've just seen a particularly gruesome car crash.

And what does this mean: "The system potentially allows for a diminished sense of social responsibility, and could lead the user to demonstrate behaviors normally reserved for the gaming environment"? Can you kill someone while wearing the rig and claim that you thought you were "still in the game without social responsibility"?

Ouch, notice the wires lead to the machine's "butt".
And what would happen if you turned too close to a tree?
(camera crashes)

Note: In order for suit to operate properly, you must walk extremely exaggerated and observe surroundings every few steps.

I could just see someone turning around and whacking someone else on the back of the head with that camera. Nice.

does not compute.


What's funny is that no one's really reacting to him, they just walk on by.

Here's a spin off:
Mount cameras around an area, park, city street, whatever. Then put on the video mask thing and walk around using only the cameras, like in Resident Evil

#21 - I like that idea...

#16 - of course he's walking slowly, he's seeing his movements slightly delayed on the screen. It can't be helped.

(and that outfit don't help either)

#21 - Awesome idea. Although to complete the experience, if you wanted to turn on the spot you'd have to learn how to moonwalk while standing still.

So you can now see yourself get beat up in third person. Brilliant!

Im going out on a limb here and guessing this guy has never been layed and most likely never will.

What a great way to not make friends. Even "World of Warcraft" junkies look at him funny.

Wow, this could have cool implications for brain research and rehab purposes for injured, especially those experiencing loss of proprioception (body sense) since now you can look & judge how well your body's performing since you're able to view yourself from different angles and do brain-body commands.

Loss of social resp. also sounds cool, until you get slapped.

brilliant. there are some slight logistical issues such as mentioned in previous comments; camera crashes, fov is too narrow. ultimately, though, this device offers a new perspective on the world around you. while many may say 'this guy must have no friends' or 'this guy will never get laid', he is unafraid to explore ideas and perspectives that you could never imagine and will never understand.

hats off to anybody willing to explore the boundaries of our industrialized social perspective. this machine definitely goes there. its primary shortcoming in my eyes is the inability to move the camera freely: however with limitations in current technology that is fairly infeasible.

OMG, I just realized you can't really see anybody upclose in front of you when wearing this thing cuz you yourself will be taking most of the space in the viewfinder. Therefore, you're likely to fall on your face - and then laugh at your own dumb ass since it will look funny as hell from the back. Awesome.

If I saw anyone walking like that, I'd think they're either insane or they shit themselves.

If I saw anyone with that on, I would talk to them and tell them to stop clicking on me and that i only say limited shit.

I'd ask him if he wanted to do some quests. Or. Kick his ass and loot his corpse.

OMG, u guys are friggin GEEKs!!!

regarding comment 29. there are a lot of women who would probably say that if someone is willing to explore in way slike that, and unabashed in looking that way... they're worth at least a chance.

my girl for example. she enjoys people who are willing to get out there and actually test things out, without assuming this or that from other people's comments on a subject.

to comment on the FOV - a wide angle HD cam could be used, and you'd get everything you need in this regard. with the added bonus of a lighter wallet holding you back in yoru exploring! usually those cameras also have better stabalising capabilities as well.

You're gonna see the real Bob Dole from now on.

Bob Dole thinks that if he talks about himself in the third person, he ought to see himself in the third person as well.

its very nice

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