Jun 28 2007Zorse is half zebra half horse


From The Sun:

Dad was a zebra stallion, mum was a horse ... so their odd-looking offspring is known as a zorse. The animal, called Eclyse, can be seen at a safari park in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany.

I had sex with a fish once. The results weren't nearly as pretty.

NOTE: Did I seriously just make up a story that I had sex with a fish? I need to lie down.

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I would've called it a Hebra, or a Shebra, as the case may be.


it's photoshopped. tee hee hee!!

-edit. damn it! i wanted to be "1ST" to say it was PSed

in any way/event, i wonder if it contains a twig & berries

I <3 hybrid animals. Since I also think Zebras are the coolest thing on four legs, I'll have to let this one be my favorite. See you later, wolphin.


Definitely not photoshopped, unless it's a massive hoax. The story was covered by some pretty major news sites yesterday and it's an AP photo.

It's deff. photoshopped.
Those are uh...real...."zorses."


Photoshopped or not, at least their are Ligers. And the presence of Ligers confirms what I was already thinking: Damn, nature is more perverted than me.

Yeah, I've seen others as well. Like I said, I love hybrid animals. ^_^;; This particular one is located at the a zoo in Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, according to the news reports. The zoo's website isn't in english (http://www.safaripark-stukenbrock.de/) but they have a story about it as well. I suppose it could be an elaborate hoax created by the zoo, but that's kind of far fetched. For now, I'm going to go with this picture being real. I tried to find some video of Eclyse, but no luck. Not only could I be sure then, but I'd just like to see more of it. So cool!

Zedonks are cuter, though.

#7, there is an animal in that main pic. Cause all I see is an incredibly hot rider. Yee ha!

And this in no way compares to my Pengodile! Do you have any idea how many penguins I lost before the corc would mate with one?

Donkey + Zebra = Debra!

Did somebody say "panda dog"?

Oh - no, I guess they didn't. Well fine. I am then.


I find it limitlessly upsetting that there are actually people registered and posting on The Sun's website.

"Zorse" because "Horsbra" would be inappropriate.

Did you name your offspring Superfish by any chance?

I knew a guy whose mother was an analyst & his father was a therapist. I guess that made him an analrapist.


I once crossed an armadillo with a vibrator... I called it an armadildo.


Story in English

That picture of a zorse is almost definitely photoshopped (a crossbreeds fur wouldn't seperate itself into two both zebra and horse like that, it could mix the fur all over body) but there are real zorses:http://www.spotsnstripes.com/PhotoAlbum4Zorses.htm

I doubt its photoshopped judging by the sources...

Also, animals have been know to separate characteristics during hybridization like that and it's not that unlikely. Take a look at some ursine hyrbrids for example or even certain Zebra hybrids (Zeedonkeys...) I don't get why people automatically say it's photoshopped when they see something weird and unexpected...


It LOOKS photoshopped, but I'm not quite that it is.

I love Interracial,







If there were lions at the safari park, the keepers could get them to do a taste test on this curious fellow, and thus see if it's really a zebra, a horse, or a chimera as advertised.

I presume that horse and zebra taste different. Anyone know?

it doesn`t even look realistically real. that animal doesn`t exist.

it doesn`t even look realistically real. that animal doesn`t exist.

wd-40 and Maddy have been black listed. if they ever double post again, they will be DP'd by 2 Zorses.

#16, nice AD reference, shame you ruined the joke, it's a sight gag. not simply a play on words.

I think this supah starfish is crazier.


This thing is definitely real. I saw a news story on it this morning, yes with video and everything.

That one looks reeediculous, but there was a naturally existing cross breed called a 'Kwagga', in Southern Africa many years ago.

It's extinct now.

But it existed.

i've done better in Photoshop!

Although many may be thinking this is photoshopped, it's not. The Zorse, or it's proper name, "Zebroid," is a real animal and is bred throughout america and the world. You can find breeders in almost any state.

Yeah, they exist. But they sure as hell don't look like that.

its not photoshop, have a look at this footage


that's not photoshopped. watch the reuters video. these hybrids really exist.

or what the guy above me said...

or what the guy above me said...

Personally I've always found the zonkey to be more amazing than the zorse.

I'm posting this twice.

I'm posting this twice.

I find it amusing how there are people who think they can spot a photoshop job anywhere and love to post "ugh tooootally photoshopped you sillies" and sit back and chuckle at all the people who posted thinking it was real.

...And then as it turns out it's not a photoshop job at all.

"Worst photoshop ever."


check here - not photoshopped! look at it walk about - go visit it in the zoo!

Wiki sees all and knows all, so it ain't a fake folks.

P.S. I think I'm in love with Raff. Analrapist, that kills me!

Blitzenoia, cool link you posted. But, if you look on page 5, there is an Appy Zorse that is almost all white, with dark, striped spots.

Oh, and check out page 6. A Zorse almost exactly like the one posted here.

la la la la porn pic are cool


is it fake or real?...............don't know but it is coll looking

is it fake or real?...............don't know but it is coll looking

is it fake or real?...............don't know but it is coll looking

i hate ZEBRAS AND HORSES...................bite me bitches

It is not photoshopped, here is a video of that horse and yes its colors are separated....


This is what happens when you cross a paint or pinto horse with a zebra. And if you cross a homozygous paint or pinto horse with a zebra, you will get this every time. So no, not a fake, definitely possible, for those who are so skeptical about the strange. Brindling, while rare, can also occur in horses as well.

It's amazing how many people think this is photoshopped-look up a Zorse web site and look at other pictures and descriptions-its just not a well-known phenomenon

Can u ride a zorse

the r really kool were can u find them, how many r there in the world and r they becoming extinced???????????????????????

I am a fan of all animals. I especially like horses and zebras and this is a beautiful combination!!!!

Humans have already made some animals extinct and breeding things with different species just isn't right. I mean take the Liger for instance, if one of those got into the wild other animals wouldn't have a chance.


that's not a real zorse. It doesn't even have a horn

Its not photoshopped im actually sitting in biology class right now asking about it. its called postzygotic. they are able to mate but this zorse can not produce offspring. you have to go back to the start to make another zorse. 2 zorses can not produce another one. but its real, this can be done.

This is definately a very very cute animal .

Real video at - http://www.reuters.com/news/video/videoStory?videoId=58491

Nice Post !!!!

To the people who think that it's plain wrong to breed these:
cross-breeding also happens without the intervention of man. Tell the animals that it's wrong!

This could def. be a hybrid! The mom was a horse, if she was a paint ot pinto the foal would be highly likely to be one too. This foal is a Pinto zorse. So yeah the hair could split like that!!!

wow you people are stupid and ignorant go research this animal its definately not photoshopped i mean for it to have been on cnn and there are videos of her on the internet so am pretty sure its not photoshopped research before you jump to conclusions:/

dude do any of you care that he might of had sex with i mean think about it. It could be a fish with lungs :o
well anyways i think its real xP i saw one other only kinds like this but the butt was black and rest was striped xD
i'll be the one to have fun with the fishy comment cuz none of you did xD

I just stumbled on this sight but if you folks have any questions feel fre to email me or post them here and I will eventually find them.

Oh yeah they are real. They can be ridden. And we have more.

i think that these animals are beautiful.iv never seen 1 in person but would love to.

This is not photo shopped. This is a real animal. I breed zorses. The mother of this animal was a paint mare, the father, a zebra stallion. Zorses are like mules, sterile in most all cases. I have seen video of this animal and its mother together. The owner had the mare turned out with the zebra stud, unaware that they could mate. So surprise, 11 months later, a paint zorse. This one has extreme striping for a zorse, but very possible, as I well know.

What are you people on you cant have sex with fish they would die caz they need to be in water 24/7 and you would probably squash its gusts out lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yer I cant belive he would have sex with a fish dumo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello online ppl are the zorse animals extinct by now ore are they still around you now like in the zoo in in the wild and is it like a horse and a zebra that mate and they waloosh there is a zorse made or what caz i have no idea how they are made and stuff well ttfn and speak soon Kahyla my frienbd

I cant agree more but JESSICA what the hell? please try not to do that again! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? ok bye people.o and that was Amandas idear! LOL


ummmmm i am confused wat did i do

Oh i think Kahyla dosen't want you to use your name.

Hi jess and Kahyla if you are there, have a read of the other comments, some of them r realy wired like the first couple of ones where they keep on saying that the photo at the top is photo shoped but it is. And i cant wait till your birthday!!!!!!!

Bye LOL!♥
p.s go on you tube and type in tmv spongbob and have a look at billy singing money money money. its funny. oh also look at charlie bit my finger.

acually its real dumb asses


Hey, I want to put this animal in my blog. It's a serious blog: earth protection programm but it's in French. So is your photo very right ??

Escuse my bad English but I'm French
Please tell me !! Write me at [email protected]

Thanks very much :p


its NOT photoshoped. i just saw it on animal planet

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I would just like to point out to all the people who think it is photo shopped because "hybrids dont separate their colors" that it's spots are in patches because its mom was a horse with the TOBIANO gene that it passed on to the foal.
TOBIANOS are 'spotted' horses with pink skin under the patches without color. Therefore it is stripped in patches because only those places have pigment.
My god... i really wish people wouldnt talk unless they actually understood what they are talking about.

i just going to say tacos

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