Jun 8 2007The Face Bank Robotic Piggy Bank


The Face Bank is a money eating piggy bank robot which features an object-sensitive sensor to distinguish between coins. And when I say 'money eating' I mean like it actually eats money. It moves its mouth and everything. Although I can't figure out if this thing is supposed to be cute or horrifying or what. Let's just go with...erotic.

Check out a video of the Face Bank in action after the jump.

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Reader Comments

Makes me think of Peter and the pencil sharpener.

Strangely, i have the urge to stab Mr Face Bank with my pecker.

Of course with a thrusting repetitive motion backwards and forward.

Well dammit all to heck, looks like the company who bought us went and has the tech service block youtube videos. Oh well, I'm sure watching 14 seconds of this thing was too amazing for me to handle anyways.

Don't be so sure vanman, youtube's being really slow because they just redid their videos with a cool os x dock-like related video interface. It's slow for me too but finally loaded after a few mins.

I know I'm not the only one that felt that was really disturbing. If I bought that, I'd be afraid of it coming to life and trying to eat my soul. It's beady soulless eyes watching me waiting for its chance to strike...always watching.

does it burp? like, after reeeeaaaaally big coins

Because eating money is the final taboo! In my land of United of Kindom, it is illeagal to deface image of the queen on the moneys. So why not eat the cash and then let your GI tract do all the disrespecting work for you? Take that Elizabeth number 2 I shit you out my crappy plop hole now you real number 2...

Seriously, its 9.15pm Friday and I've been out drinking since after work so i'm gonna appologize for posting in advance...

Joe, I can be your Face Bank..*blushes*

Well.. if it actually puked money, that would be something! Cause I'm poor. And if this started eating my last coin, I'd crush it. Yes, trust me, i would.

i think i remember seeing this thing in my nightmares

it is far less scary than my scarlet macaw. Not onl does she have no soul, but she has a 2-inch-long beak that can crack open walnuts with one bite. But I digress...

This thing looks like it belongs in a ski mask.

Am I the only one who thinks that is awesome?
I want one in the worst way.... and if I ever get sick of it I can just sneak it next to my girlfriends head at night and start feeding it coins.

that'll show er'

Someones bound to stick their cock in that. Or they'll release the fleshlight-inspired: "face-box" or "cumbank". you choose

Roffle. A thought just occured to me...
It says it recognizes different coins, right?
I wonder what would happen if a guy stuck his c*** in there...What would it call that?

#9 Amy, will you go out with me?

I want an army of these, all lined up and looking out my window. At the bank across the street.

I think this guy and Keepon should have a crazed, demonic robo-baby.

D:..... That's just fukken weird, man. Oh, and it eats like a retard.

It'd be the most effective Swear Jar in the world.

Because who'd even want to go near that thing?

Awesome, someone is parading around as me only they're acting like a total whore.

Is it just me or does this thing remind anyone else of Casandra -- the only surviving human after the destruction of earth -- from Dr. Who(2005)?


Raff, you're right, holycrap. Also, @#21Amy, no security, plus, you're not the only person named Amy. Lawl.

Face bank will eat your babies.

i agree with #14. someone HAS to stick their dick in there. it just needs to happen to make my life feel normal. just like someone probably stuck their dick in those cabbage patch kids who ate shit. remember those?

those things could eat just about anything... like your whole body.

This company totally just invented a new category of pornography......

Wow that is so strange, yet a little bit cute. Kinda reminds me of that piggy bank from that full house episode.

hey, nice site, i laughed so much you can find just about anything nowadays!!
I wish there was a video of this money eating machine!

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