Jun 14 2007Sexy Undwear Cellphone Strap


The always awesome Japanese have created a line of lingerie for your cellphone. For about $9 you can get a pair of bra or panties which you can attach and hang from it. And if you don't want to put them on your cellphone I guess you could always wear it. I mean, 2 inch lingerie? That's hot.

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Nothing screams "girl power" or would please the founders of the Women's Movement more than always having something hanging from your cellphone that advertises your open sluttiness. Seriously.

Nothing but class.

Those crazy Japanese and there obsession with women's underwear. What will they think of next, some kind of vending machine that contains used panties. Oh wait...

mac, actually they already have the vending machine that you mentioned, the used one. I had a japanese roomate before and he told me that one of his friend likes to buy stuff off those vending machine and pop it into the microwave.. so all of the "aroma" comes out..


um #4........T.M.I.


I somehow doubt that girls will be the ones flocking to get these things on their phones....

;...; I want one! I like the pinstripes. >.>;; I'm a girl, so what? They're cute!

also #4, are you dumb? Thats what he meant. The Oh wait was implying that Oh wait they already did. Also Your room-mate is crazy creepy


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