Jun 22 2007Quartz Telephone


From the designer's site:

The number keys are like pieces of pretty quartz crystal (with LED light at the bottom). Once pressed, the key will shine like brilliant jewel. The super large screen, the perfect display of incoming call, and such functions as calendar, phone book and super luxurious speaker phone all add up to the great enjoyment of the home phone luxury.

I believe it's just a concept, but that's one of the most stunning phones I've ever seen. It looks like it'd break at the touch, but the two hours you get to spend looking at it before it does would be totally worth it.

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Practicality? Imagine chunks of bologna sandwich and stray pieces of popcorn stuck between the keys.

Another Clock.....

My bad that's a telephone.... DUH...

for the USA version, the '9' and '1' keys should be modeled after the Twin Towers. The receiver should be an airplane.

thank you

a humans pathetic attempt at re-creating phones from Krypton.

where's dill?

So I sent them you Kal-el, My only son....

I'm quite sure this is useless, along with everything else in his portfolio. I hate designers.

I'd like to see this made of dildos.

It doesn't have a nought?

L = 4
C = 0

Japanese have a superstition about 4 and Death.
I have a fear of 0 ever appearing in my bank statement.

This designer is just trying to please everyone.... like Halo gamers who will strap the phone to their wrists and pretend it's a needle gun.. pyow, pyow!

I think #9 is the Dark Crystal

I can barely read the numbers on this thing. o.O

looks like some one assembled the 12 dark crystals of power and made them into a phone. bravo

Though said before, I agree... this looks like it belongs in Superman's Cave of Seclusion... Dome of Silence... uh... Quiet Place?...

PS - Guess who moved to OTTAWA!!! I'm back in the promised land, baby!

It's nice!

its looks like it could be a weapon

looks like they modeled the numbers after the tetris game pieces... and did it very very badly

What in the hell is a "super luxurious speaker phone"? Does it spit money at me? Or better yet, does it not spit but swallow?

where the hell is the "0" on this phone... I couldn't even call myself

I'm terribly worried about the lever effect. I barely look at the keys when I dial now and unless those crystals are welded to the base, they are going to shatter like shrapnel and cut me as I fumble with lotion and tissues.

And if they are welded, they don't move so it's just another sharp table item that will one day kill me when I fall onto. Damn you Bed, Bath and Beyond. Damn you to hell!

Be weary Superfriends. The green ones are poisonous.

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