Jun 12 2007Full Size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica


If you've got $56,000 lying around (and really, who doesnt?) you can get yourself this full size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica. It stands 6 meters high and 17 meters long, and is basically the coolest possible thing you could ever put on your lawn. Unless, you know, you dug up Elvis' grave and put his corpse on your lawn. I guess that might be cooler.

NOTE: If you also purchased this thing, you would officially be my king.

EDIT: I had an additional zero when I converted the mm to meters. No, this thing isn't larger than a football field.

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Reader Comments

My son would love it, a little too much. What would be better is if you had a life size replica of an "Alien"© and you could take it to a neighbors house, and prop its finger on the doorbell and hide.

Do. Want.

This would be cool until it's life size wang breaks off when the kids start playing on it and it crushes one of them. Thanks giant dinosaur penis.

its 1700mm long, thats 17 meters, not 170. having a 500 foot long dino would be a steak at $50K, but alas is not the case

So I'm the only one here that wants it outside my work so at 5:30pm I can jump out the window and slide down it's neck to my car whilst screaming "Yabba Dabba DOO!!"?

it's a shame it doesn't move

wait, make this dinosaur fight that robotic dinosaur from a while ago

#5, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Cliché alert:
That's one big ass guard dog!
Get 'em Dino!

Has any else noticed it seems to have only 3 legs?

Yes, I know its the perspective... but it looks kinda funny ^_^

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i got it! so cool,l it sitting in my sons school at the moment (only a loaner) and it only cost 20,000 to hire for 2 years

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