Jun 7 2007FT (Female Type) Robot


Tomotaka Takahashi noticed the dominance of male robots in the industry and decided he'd create a female one, that not only looked female but moved in a feminine way as well. The FT (female type) robot was shown at New York Japan Society's Tech Epoch, where it struck poses à la a runway model. The FT is only a little over a foot tall, but contains 23 motors and two gyroscopes. Although if he ever creates a full size one, he'll have to hire an entire security force to protect it from the assault of nerd penises everywhere.







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Dammit, in the video "Home of the future" I was promised robots that would cook my food, clean, do laundry fetch various things. Why are they spending all their time developing robots which have more fluid human movement? What is the purpose of that? Even when they get it down pat, there will still be an awkward moment during the jerk where I just say "Here, let me, I can do it better myself"

Damn that thing is sexy! Would have been cooler to call it a fem-bot though. Then I could dance around all sexily in my underwear to the song "I touch my self" then watch as they blow up due to my sexiness. Rrar!

Mmm-hai, sexy or not elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and the kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving, ng-hey.

Dunno about the robot, but that Japanese guy is pretty cute.

Yeah...cause all women walk like runway models. Gotta agree with Amy One about the dude though, rarr.

I could go for him too. What can I say, building robots turns me on. Think the pottery scene in Ghost but with electronics.

Hehe! THERE, we are now differentiated! Wheeee! ...Or maybe I should call you Amy Classic. that sounds hot for some reason.

Or maybe I'm just thirsty.

Both Amy's need to show your t***!

Well the music on the video was like a hearald of screaming techno death. I was impressed at it's ability to get off the floor (I'm presuming this would be for it's post-coital function, after your finished with it)

I can confirm after watching the video that it walks(?) like a prostitute.. well it looks more like it's skating whilst drunk (just like roller boot Betty who works down at the local docks and gives you a discount if you can finish before her wheels stop spinning). Anyway..

I guess a 35cm robot with molded plastic chest lumps is all it takes these days to bring all the males of the mighty empire of Japan to it's knees.

Quick, whilst they are trying to find a schoolgirls uniform that fits it and jerking off to robot porn... we can invade them and steal all their toilets that wash your bum crack!

^Do you really need 4 paragrahs to express your incoherent thoughts? Let's keep our "witty" thoughs to a minimum.

for Joe:

(o )( o)

Happy now, you sick monkey?


^Do you really need 4 postings to express your incoherent thoughts? Let's keep our "witty" thoughs to a minimum.

^So clever. How did you come up with that one. Now this is five!

F*** sake Joe, "How did you come up with that one" a limp dick brain dead question without even a question mark?? Just stick to posting "First" your embarrassing the family again!

#5, I concur.

When it says, "move in a feminine way," does that mean it walks like an anime female character way, or in a Marilyn Monroe from _Some Like It Hot_ way? Because, if it ain't the latter, then why bother?

AmyB...oh I am hot. =)

Did you notice how the boy robot is totally checking out the girl robot's bootay?

And so we move toward blow-up doll innovations. It's just sad that this thing doesn't look even close to female.

Joe, you wannabe brainfarter, why are you going to mess with bob when, in probably the majority opinion is that at least 75% of his posts are good in one way or another. For a sec I thought there was hope. Blow.

5th picture down (2nd picture up):
that lady looks hella' angry!

#5, I totally agree.
Anyone ever noticed how normally Japanese guys tend to dress better than americans?

#23, of course. Few people are actaully focusing on the bot in that one.

I hope no one gets any naughty ideas from this one.

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