May 2 2007The Pessimist's Mug


Looks like somebody took this idea, and decided to translate it to English and turn it into a mug. The Pessimist's Mug is exactly what it looks like. Uh, unless you thought it was a beaker. Because that's what I thought it was. A really crappy one with only one measurement: half.

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Reader Comments has been selling those for like, a really long time, so I don't think they jacked the idea from anyone else. I bought one for my friend several years ago.

I see a future mug that says "This Glass is now half full". I am a f***ing marketing genius! For anyone considering the purchase of this mug, run out and hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard.

Is there a reason it's full of blood?

its half-full of blood! BE POSSITIVE!!!

i don't mean to be captain obvious here, but shouldn't it say, "This MUG is Now Half Empty"

Since when did buying a mug of any sort become a qualification for self-flagellation and the defining characteristic of the mentally deficient?

It's not "cool" to be edgy and mean on the internet, Beef. It just reminds everyone that anonymity creates assholes. said flagellation..huhuhuh...

heh heh heh. right after the pr0no pictureframe, too.

why does the flagellator link to a private myspace?

Not cool, mon ami. Not cool at all.

Personal robot jesus is right. Anonymity creates assholes. It also provides a place where I think I know you well enough that I can tell you that containers with a mark indicating level gives me a raging semi.

#4. ali, if you meant to pun on 'be positive' and 'B+', theoretical mathematics cannot describe how awesomely you won that party.

Not to mention, MsBlonde, that said link to sanctimonious' site provides a disgraceful yet tantalising photo glimpse of this self-declared significant that resembles that dead funny muppet character, with the red hair and the face. You know the one.

That or one of those monkeys off Noah's Island. Proboscis, thassawan.

Demetri Martin quote on blood would be here, if I could remember it well enough to at least paraphrase. Unfortunately, the internets have failed to give me a quote.

Someone I work with has had one of those foe a while now an it couldn't be more appropriate.

Ha! That glass is for wanna be pessimists. I don't even have a glass, nevermind one that is half full. Now where did I put that hemlock again?

I like Sambob, he's sweet, like an impressionable youngster that looks up to me, CAPITALLETTERS, the best.

CAPITALLETTERS Do I work with you?!

Despair's been selling those since like at least 2000. I think they have a trademark on it. Maybe the Optimista glass is the one ripping off Despiar.

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