May 30 2007Japanese Eyelashes


I'm not one to judge, but there's a new trend in Japan where women are wearing insanely huge false eyelashes. Can you imagine kissing somebody wearing these? You'd think your eyeballs were under attack by caterpillars.

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Holy crappin' Crap! Umm, are they shaving their armpits and gluing the hair to their eyes now?

Although, the blue ones are kinda sexy, but not so much the bushy ones...

OR being swept up by a cute japanese janitor girl ;D


Awesome! I've always had this dream of making out with a female, Asian version of Dan Hedaya.

I don't think it looks that bad. Because of this I fear I may need therapy.

Who doesn't love to glue small furry creatures to their face?

Are they, like, really bored in Japan? All the tech in the world and we get this! I bet that wasabi does something to you.

Amazing. I love the Japanese, they are not afraid to introduce the most bizarre things into the marketplace.


i f***ing hate when people cant say my last name right...

its not that hard.. na, i, nanajad. nainanajad.

jesus christ.

When conjunctivitis goes bad!!

These eyelashes are just for shock value and have little intrinsic beauty... For maximum shock value, be like me and glue one coming out of each nostril and each ear!

The ladies like a bit of class... and I like to soak my Martini up my nostrils.

Curse you #11

My wife said you name right 5 times and now she has been taken into the Forbidden Zone by the Demon Azzbesdoss.

I must rescue her!!!! ... right after the National lottery results...

obviously meant to distract from that weird thing going on between her upper lip and nose.

Those just look like icky eyebrows.

I kinda like it. ... but I still feel like the colonel should come in and say "Stop that."

nicely spotted #14 it seems to be working


seen so much im going blind
im braindead virtually.

i didnt realize that japan was starting to mate with ewoks

Those. Are. Ugly.

But some of them do look really cool.

Now those are some freaky false eyelashed.
That's actually her hair turned into eyelashes/

I've been told that women would kill for my eyelashes, but now I'm starting to think they were being serious. Somebody, please help.

Maybe they'd look better if they were braided...

I don't know, man. Japanese fashion is fukken ugly. First, fruits, now ugly eyelashes? Thanks. If I ever need to use fake eyelashes, I'll stick with the American polyester ones.

I think some Jap fashion is sexy. Like Bukakke!

Ooookaaaay... that would definitely freak me out!

cough, cough, FREAK!, cough, cough.

Oooooh, come on, like you wouldn't want those eyelashes tickling your balls while 69'ing. know you guys were all thinking it, just I'm the first to say it. Woooo!!

/me feels it now...

Oh wait, that's my dog.

Wow,, I can wait for asian porn stars to start wearing them...

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