Apr 13 2007Shopping cart circle


I have no idea how they put this together or how they're going to get it apart, but in the words of Digg: "The guy that has to deal with this problem is going to wish he took a sick day."


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It's inane and brilliant, all at once.

That's awsome. I think I will try it this weekend ... walmart, watch out!

Would be helpful to know how many shopping carts are needed. I'm not sure if my local supermarket has this many, and I don't want to find out the hard way...

It's looking like about 150 carts...

Wow! Boredom CAN be a good thing.

I have to get carts all the time for my job. That looks much more fun. :P

that would SUCK to be the guy to fix that up.

Those damned aliens and their mysterious cart circles.

im sure the cart's aren't "packed" in... so there would be some room to fit in the carts.

Aliens!! Crop circles for the New World?

old. very old. for some reason this photo keeps popping up every year.

Giddy up!

Just leave it there.. as a monument. People can sit in it and get spun around [and get dizzy].

That's at COSTCO near UCSB. I used to work for those fascists!

Isn't this out of a dutch KPN commercial.

Although the location of this picture is just a few miles from my house, no one seemed to know about it until the photo started showing up around the web. I only wish I was at Camino Real that day.

the boys from Jackass would have a field day with that madness. It would be better if someone's car was in the middle.

i worked at walmart for three years and we always wondered how many carts it would take to make a full circle. its like a vision from my mind come true

Am I the only one who wants to push that sucker and watch it go 'round?

Couple of rocket motors on opposite sides & that'd be something to watch on Youtube...

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