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I Did Not Know That Was A Thing: 'Epic Pen Spinning'


This is 'Epic Pen Spinning', a video of pen spinners Ian Jenson and PPM spinning the everliving shit out of some pens. It's worth a watch, even if you just skip around. These aren't cheap Bic pens though, these things are PRECISION BALANCED WRITING INSTRUMENTS. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Does it involve your ass?" Maybe. "Does it involve what one of these would feel like up there?" I'M TIRED OF SHARPIES.

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Cuddling: Sexy Captain Kirk And Spock Body Pillow


Because who hasn't ever dreamed of big-spooning a body pillow with a sexy cartoon Captain Kirk on one side and Spock on the other, Etsy seller IdentityProductions is making all of our wildest dreams come true with this $50 pillow cover. And by 'our wildest dreams' I mean 'your wildest dreams', because I am not into dudes. And by 'dudes' I mean 'these dudes', because I could dry-hump a Captain Picard/Geordi La Forge body pillow till all the stuffing came out.

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Glow-In-The-Dark Highway Tested In The Netherlands


This is a picture and video of Highway N329 in Holland. 500-meters of the highway's exterior lines have been painted with glow-in-dark paint, a corroboration between artist Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch civil engineers. Heck yeah, now paint me some glow-in-the-dark lanes to the refrigerator and shitter so I don't have to turn on any lights at night (or pee in the wastebasket by my bed).

Glowing road markings are just scratching the surface of Roosegaarde's ideas for constructing "smart highways." His team hopes to develop giant road markings, such as snowflakes, that appear on the road when the temperature drops to a certain level. Other conceptual alterations include driving lanes that can charge electric vehicles, and dynamic lane markings that shift from dashed to solid lines based on traffic.

Admittedly, those sound like great ideas. Of course it would take decades for any of those to ever be implemented in the US because our road and highway systems are a disaster. They won't even fix the potholes in my neighborhood and they're like, deep enough to eat a children's bike. Still, it would be pretty cool to pretend you're in TRON. Make driving like a video game and people will pay more attention, that's my motto. Jk jk, it's, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." I'm lying again, it's, "Get drunk, stay drunk, try to forget."

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When You Step On An Upside-Down iPhone Charger


This is a picture of super cool haired pop/rock singer Ryan Cabrera's foot after stepping on his iPhone charger in the dark. I don't know about you, but I'm never taking my shoes off again. As a matter of fact, I'm going to start wearing a pair of boots OVER my shoes. "What about in the shower?" In the shower I will also add a pair of rain boots. "And in bed?" In the bed I'll be knockin' boots. HIYO! That's slang for having the sex by the way, I'm not actually going to be banging boots together trying to knock mud off the bottoms. Was that slang for anal play? Maybe so!

Thanks to A & N, who have allegedly seen Ryan Cabrera in real life before. Was he dreamy?!

This Isn't You!: Women Having Trouble Re-Entering Home Countries After Getting South Korean Plastic Surgery


Women traveling to South Korea for facial plastic surgery are finding it difficult to re-enter their home countries because they look absolutely nothing like they do in their passport photo. When reached for comment, South Korea's neighbor to the north had this to say, "Our space program has already colonized planets outside the solar system." North Korea, ladies and gentlemen! I wish I could lie to myself that hard.

According to Korean sites Onboa and Munhwa (via tipster Sang), some Korean hospitals are now issuing a "plastic surgery certificate" at the request of overseas visitors. Customs officials, of course, are strict about making sure people match the mugs in their passports. These certificates can supposedly help make clearing immigration go smoother so officials don't have to call hospitals to confirm procedures.

The certificates include the patient's passport number, the length of their stay, the name and location of the hospital as well as the hospital's official seal to certify the document. Travellers can show the forms to immigration officials on their return trip home.

You know, sometimes I wish I was prettier. But I am way too terrified of going under the knife to do anything about it. Like, I only go to the doctor when I'm positive I'll be dead within the week if I don't. I am not trying to die just to get my nose fixed. "Well I'd consider it." *covering face* Oh God, is it really that bad? "It looks like a boxer's ear." Get away, I SAID DON'T LOOK AT ME.

Thanks to Gary E, who's considering getting a little work done on his cheeks. Aww, but I think you look great as a chipmunk!

Russian Firefighters Make Hoverboard With Water Hoses


This is a video of a group of Russian firefighters who rigged a bunch of fire hoses to a metal platform to make it hover with a guy standing on top (previously: using the same concept to lift a car). Does this actually serve a purpose? Like, do they use that to lift debris off somebody who's trapped? Do they usually drown? Or is this just for fun? Also, why the hell is that dude wearing a helmet? Dammit Russia, you're getting soft.

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Mario Bros. Themes Performed On 48 Wine Glasses


This is a video of Youtuber Dan Newbie performing Super Mario Bros. themes using 48 wine glasses, two pencils and a frying pan. It sounded very pretty. Kinda reminded me of visiting the Caribbean. Granted I've never been, but in my mind that is what it would sound like. And I would be on the beach drinking a tropical drink out of a coconut. Would a lovely lady be rubbing suntan lotion on my back? "Probably not." Right you are! *whistling* Oh cabana boy!

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Final 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer: It's Mutantkind's 'Kate & Leopold'


It's X-Men: Days of Future Past's final trailer, and its last chance to distinguish itself in any way from the 2001 fantasy romantic-comedy Kate & Leopold. We have already seen Hugh Jackman time travel in that, X-Men. What else could you possibly have to offer? Turns out, super-powered mutants, giant robots, and Peter Dinklage instead of a blossoming love with career-minded New Yorker Meg Ryan:

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