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Giant Bounce House Slide Rolling Down The Beach Set To The Katamari Damacy Theme


Wait -- is that lady topless?

This is a shaky-ass video of a giant bounce house slide rolling down the beach clobbering everything it touches. Plus somebody added the theme song from Katamari Damacy to really spice it up. That was a nice touch. The way my roommate touched me last night? That was a bad touch. Technically a stabbing.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Heck Yeah I'd Drink With Wolverine And Deadpool: Conceptual Superhero/Antihero Themed Beers


This is The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout, a line of conceptual superhero/antihero themed beers imagined by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy. You know, I brewed my own beer once. Everyone who tried it got sick. "You did it wrong." No, we just each drank like twenty apiece.

This collection of design concepts gather a distinctive line of heroes, antiheroes - or not heroes at all - that have in common a certain way of not being exactly the role model for your kids. Yet they're in the pages of comics in your local book shop. These characters are the ones that enjoy a pint or two at the local pub before saving the world or - very often - making an even bigger mess. Like it or not, they are the interesting ones, not to mention the most fun. Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.

Heck yeah, I'd drink with any of those dudes. Especially Wolverine and Deadpool and Hellboy. Then I'd get them to beat up all the people I don't like, which is pretty much everyone. Hey, that guy over there, the one who keeps playing shitty songs on the jukebox -- take him out. You think they would do that for me? "No." I hate playing pretend with you.

Keep going for closeups of them all.

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BRING IT: Stephen Hawking Says Higgs Boson Research Could Destroy The Universe


In news that makes me wish I was smart enough to conduct the research myself, Stephen Hawking is claiming that experimenting with the Higgs Boson particle could create a "catastrophic vacuum decay" and destroy the entire universe. I, for one, would like to see that happen. It would give God the opportunity to create a new, better universe with everything he's learned from this one. PROTIP: don't create humans again.

Death-by-boson could occur if scientists put the particle under incredible levels of energy, creating a "catastrophic vacuum decay" that would obliterate the known universe. In the introduction of the new book Starmus, a collection of lectures by respected scientists, Hawking explains how the "God particle" could get all Old Testament on us:

"The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become megastable at energies above 100bn giga-electron-volts (GeV)."

"This could mean that the universe could undergo catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light."

"This could happen at any time and we wouldn't see it coming."

Unfortunately, it would take a particle accelerator larger than earth to create the energy levels necessary for the reaction to take place. IF it would even take place. Keep in mind this is all theoretical. Speaking of -- if you could push a button and instantly destroy the world, would you? That was a trick question, because you wouldn't have time to decide before I jumped over you and pushed it with my face.

Thanks to CH, who agrees we need to petition NASA to get started on this earth sized particle collider.

Thanks, Internet!: DuckTales Opening w/ Real Baby Ducks


Because apparently it's turning into an impromptu animal day on Geekologie, here's the opening to DuckTales recreated with real ducks. I love ducks. When I was growing up my mom used to take me and my brother to the pond to feed bread to the ducks. Then the geese would come and try to steal it and one time a goose took a bite out of my buttcheek. Hey -- that's not yours to eat, mister! So in conclusion, ducks are cool, but I don't like geese. I THINK I like turkeys, but I've never met one. Flamingos and penguins are definite yeses.

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Handcuff It To Me: Beer Briefcase Carries 6 Beers In Style


This is the Beer Briefcase available from Perpetual Kid ($45, although you could make your own out of any briefcase and some foam padding). It holds six beers. It doesn't cool them or anything, it just keeps them well protected. Although if you show up at my place with this thing and you'll probably get asked to leave. Just not before I jimmy the lock and steal your beers.

It's Friday night, and you want to bring a 6-pack of your best beer to a friends house party. Ordinary bland people would just use the flimsy cardboard carrier they came in risking damage to the beers in transit and showing zero originality. But not you. You want to make a statement and arrive in style. YOU put YOUR beers in our secret service looking Beer Briefcase.

In this second to none, brewski carrying device, each bottle will be nestled in its own foam cutout spot and protected from any unnecessary clanging against its neighbor. This seriously fun metallic case immediately elevates your status at the party and people want to get to know the guy with the beer carrying case! Cha-Ching! You win.

No need to lose your head worrying about someone stealing your secret stash of dank beers! This bad boy comes with dual combination locks!

Beer not included. 100% not compatible with hipsters.

100% not compatible with hipsters? What does that even mean? Is it because they only drink PBR cans? I don't get it. I feel like this would be a MUST HAVE hipster accessory. Like a girlfriend who spends $300 at Anthropologie to look like she shops at the thrift store.

Thanks to Marcus O, who carries beers the way God intended: already in his belly.

Makes Sense: Guinea Pig With Leather Steampunk Wings


This is Pulguinha, the Steampunk Guinea Pig. He's wearing a pair of leather and brass wings courtesy of SkyPirate Creations. Nice cooling fan. So, how much time do you think animals that can't fly THINK about flying? My guess is a lot. Like, you think your dog or cat ever dreams about flying? Check this out -- maybe cats actually only kill birds because they're jealous. Did I just blow your mind? "No." Come on!

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Good Lookin': 3-Year Old Gets Prosthetic Iron Man Hand


This is a video of Hawaiian boy Bubba and his new Iron Man hand. Bubba was born without most of his right hand, and just had a custom one 3-D printed for him at no cost thanks to a nonprofit called E-Nable. Hmmm.... Hello, E-Nable? Yes, I, uh, I know a guy that needs a pirate pegleg.

Several months ago, Rulan Waikiki discovered an exciting option for her grandson on the Internet with a group called E-Nable. It was a life-changing discovery.

For years, patients spent up to $40,000 for a commercially made prosthetic hand, but thanks to 3-D printing technology, a mechanical body-powered hand costs only $50 to build.

"As soon as he put it on and was able to close the hand, his face just lit up," Waikiki said.

Instead of reaching for a ball or a toy, Bubba held his own hand.

"I'm not sure if the video, you can hear it on there, but he does say, 'I can hold my own hand,'" Waikiki said.

Did you read that? Bubba's grandma managed to find a nonprofit group on the internet to make her grandson a 3-D prosthetic hand for free. For reference, most grandparents on the internet are only capable of downloading viruses and giving their credit card and bank info to scammers. Enjoy the hand, Bubba.

Keep going for a feel-good video news report.

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Where Have You Been All My Life?: A Tiny Hamster Exploring His Tiny Mansion


This is a worthwhile video of a tiny hamster exploring his mansion and getting ready for work (read: eating breakfast four times) in the morning before zooming off in his car. It's pretty much the exact reason the internet exists. "The internet was made for p0rn." DON'T SAY THAT. This is a beautiful thing, don't ruin it like acid rain and bird shit on a statue.

Keep going for the video, then somebody get me a hamster and a dollhouse stat.

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