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You Sure That's A Person?: Trippy Silver Surfer Bodypaint


This is Ron Lim's cover of Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #20 recreated by Hollywood makeup artist Cris Alex, who painted a male model to appear as a 2-D comic book drawing. As you can clearly see unless you're some jerk internet commenter plagued by troll-vision, she did an amazing job. Now if she could just paint me to match the wallpaper in my grandpa's study, I'll finally be able to find out where he hides his will.

Keep going for a shot of the original comic cover, as well as some closeups.

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Watch A Mercury Filled Water Balloon (Technically A Mercury Balloon) Being Dropped In Slow Motion


This is a video of a mercury-filled balloon being dropped in slow motion. Mercury, as I'm sure you're aware because we're all scientists here, is 13.5x as dense as water and can be poured directly into a balloon with a funnel to fill it up. That alone was pretty neat. But the way it flattens a balloon when dropped is even NEATER. You know, I remember my dad telling me a story from when he was growing up that he and his siblings accidentally broke a thermometer and spent hours and hours pushing around the beads of mercury on the kitchen table. Those were simpler times.

Keep going for the video.

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$30,000 Time Traveling DeLorean Conversion Kits


This is one of the $30,000 time-traveling DeLorean conversion kits available from Bob's Prop Shop on eBay. You just buy the $30,000 kit, ship them your regular, non-time-traveling DeLorean, and 3-6 weeks later they ship your car back looking like one of the time machines from the movie (either a BTTF1 plutonium powered model or BTTF2 Mr. Fusion powered one). Obviously, I want the one that runs on banana peels and Miller beer cans. What's included:

All additions are PERMANENT. Holes will be drilled in your car!

The Exterior features the aluminum rear vents with all the hoses and parts that should be there.
The side pontoons are decorated with all the capacitors, grids, pipes and things similar to our photos.
The flux bands that surround the car are mounted on rubber brackets and thick wire bundles are added
along the sides of the car and mounted to the "flux boxes" which are mounted to the fenders, roof and rear.
The rear window is removed and replaces with a sealed aluminum rear bulkhead.
The rear will feature the infamous "Mr. Fusion", (Plutonium Chamber available for an extra fee)
The interior will feature all the famous electronics seen in our photos and videos including the
Flux Capacitor, Plutonium Gauges, Spectrum Analyzer, Time Drive Switch, Digital Speedometer and much more.
Thick wire bundles are added along with many other high voltage parts on the dash, etc.
*Fog Machine is optional as is extra battery/charging system.

No word if the conversion kit could be modified to a 2005 Dodge Neon, but at least one eBayer with 42% positive feedback plans on finding out. Also, if you could overclock the flux capacitor to time travel at like, 44MPH, that would be great. There is no way my Neon is reaching 88MPH without exploding first.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the finished product, including interior.

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The Force Awakens Asleep At The Wheel: TIE Fighter Crashed On Highway In Germany


This is a very short dashcam video of a TIE Fighter crashed on a snowy highway in Germany. Unfortunately, it looks like both pilots survived the accident. Will one of them prove to be the stormtrooper that finally laser-blasts old Luke Skywalker in the face and puts an end to his Jedi days? SPOILER: Probably not. Stormtroopers are hardly good for anything except walking right past the droids they're looking for and leaving thermal exhaust ports open.

Keep going for the video.

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Spidey?!: Speed Climber Scales 50-Foot Wall In 5.6-Sec


This is a video of Ukrainian speed climber Danyl Boldyrev jumping up a 15-meter (49.2-foot) wall in a record-breaking 5.60 seconds. For reference, that's about twice as fast as I could even run 15-meters, and that's assuming I don't cramp or trip and get a booboo. You know how long it took me to run the mile in high school? LOL, run the mile -- are you f***ing nuts? I forged a note from my mom saying my asthma would kill me.

Keep going for the video, then meet me in the parking lot and practice scaling the side of my apartment building. But no ropes -- we're not sissies.

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I Didn't Know That Was A Thing: Slinky Trick Pro In Action


So have you guys been checking out all the videos on our sister site Hedonistica everyday? Because you should really make a habit of that. Like brushing your teeth, or putting pants on before work (casual Fridays excluded). Seen here practicing for the high school talent show of his life, a man performs some ultra impressive Slinky tricks. What I wouldn't have given to have this guy perform for me at the last rave I went to. Which, for the record, was in 2004. I was so f***ed up I sat in a puddle of water by the bounce castle for an hour and didn't even realize it. At least I hope it was water. I remember I had my fake leather pants on too. Man...those were not the days.

Keep going for the video.

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Smack It With A Hammer: Giant 13x13x13 Rubik's Cube


This is the Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick (not actually a Rubik's cube, just similar) available from Brando. It costs $320, which is pretty expensive for something I'm inevitably going to throw at the ground as hard as I can, then stab and set on fire. Just saying, you know what happened to my last Rubik's cube? Neither do the police.

Keep going for a couple more shots.

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Modern Warfare: US Navy Laser Gun Destroys Ship, Drone


This is a video of the US Navy's latest laser blaster blowing up a couple ships and a drone. The $40-million Laser Weapon System (LaWS) is already burninating its way through enemy ships and aircrafts from aboard the USS Ponce deployed in the Persian Gulf. PEW PEW -- PEW PEW PEW! Now point it at the sun and send this world into eternal darkness.

LaWS works by focusing beams from six solid-state commercial welding lasers into a single strong beam, which can be used both as a blinding warning shot or as a weapon capable of setting fire to anti-ship arms or other threats to US warships, especially small, fast-moving targets.

"We're not testing it any more. This is operational. It's on a ship in the Persian Gulf," [Read Admiral Matthew] Klunder said. "This isn't something we've got in a box we're saving for ... a special moment. They're using it every single day."

The technology's big advantage is its operational efficiency, as firing one shot costs just around $1, the Navy has repeatedly stressed. But lasers have their own peculiarities, with efficacy depending on weather conditions, the presence of dust and vapors in the air, and other factors. The range of the LaWS, which is limited by those factors, remains classified.

So it can set fire to boats and drones and blow stuff up, that's cool. But -- BUT -- what would it do to the head of one of my enemies? I feel like that is an important test. So what do you say, Navy? Holler at me, I can provide a list of names and addresses.

Keep going for the video.

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