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It's Hard To Take You Two Seriously: Koalas Fighting With The Squeakiest Verbal Exchange Ever


This is a video of two koala bears arguing with voices that sound like a cross between a party blower and a dog's squeaky toy. No word what they were arguing about, but I suspect it had something to do with eucalyptus leaves. Fun fact: koala bears aren't actually bears, some dumbass just started calling them that. Reminds me of my sister -- she used to call my pet turtle Froggy because she thought it was a frog. "I WAS THREE." Doesn't matter, you should have known better. "And you should have known better than thinking the box of Kotex in the bathroom were just giant band-aids." Oh sure, I stick a panty liner to the side of my face ONE TIME and I never hear the end of it.

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Pretty: Driverless Stained Glass Sleeper Car Of The Future


This is the Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future designed and built by British artist Dominic Wilcox. It has a bed inside, is covered with an egg-shaped stained glass exterior, and is Dominic's idea of what cars might look like in 2059. Cool design, but I couldn't help but notice it doesn't actually have any means of generating power, causing me to speculate if cars of the future are only going to be able to travel downhill. Or -- OR -- are cars of the future going to run entirely on people's dreams? SPOILER: Who cares, as long as I get my f***ing jetpack.

Keep going for several more shots and a video of the car's build.

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Guy Builds Firefly's Serenity Out Of 23-Lbs Of Duct Tape


PROTIP: Fix the date on your camera or remove it.

This is the Serenity spacecraft from Firefly that Jacob LaRocca built entirely out of duct tape. It weighs in at 23-pounds and took 27 rolls of tape and 110 hours to complete. That is some serious dedication. I tried to glue popsicle sticks to an empty can of orange juice concentrate once to make a decorative pen and pencil holder and got so frustrated halfway through that I smashed the can and wrote Minute Maid a piece of hate mail. THAT WAS GOING TO BE FOR MY MOM FOR MOTHER'S DAY.

Keep going for some closeups and a couple shots showing just how massive this thing is, but go HERE for a pictorial of the whole build.

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Sadness: The Supercut Of Batman's Parents Being Killed


This is a supercut of Batman's parents getting killed in nine different versions of his origin story. It was pretty sad. You think Bruce Wayne's parents called him Brucie when he was a baby? Bruce just doesn't sound like much of a baby's name. Bruce sounds like the kind of guy who you're afraid might kick your ass at the bar. But maybe that's just me. PROTIP: Never fight a guy you've never seen based entirely on his name. Apparently there are some pretty tough Tristins out there.

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Woman Dressed Up Her Cats To Create A Custom Back To The Future Halloween Card To Send Friends


Geekologie reader Christy dresses her cats up in costume every year to make a Halloween card to send to friends and family. This is a Back to the Future themed one, starring her cats Herbert Hooverboard and Mr. Peterson as Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Wow, I can't even manage to send a good friend a birthday card, and there are people out there making and sending CUSTOM Halloween cards. I didn't even know Halloween cards were a thing. Of course, I didn't know Valentine's cards and chocolates were a thing either, which might explain why I eat microwavable meals alone now.

Thanks Christy, and feel free to send me one. I love getting mail but nobody ever sends me anything.

Starbucks' New Fall Coffee Drink That Taste Like Guinness


Because you can only drink so many Pumpkin Spice Lattes a day, Starbucks is now testing Dark Barrel Latte, a coffee drink designed to mimic the taste of Guinness. Unfortunately, the drink contains zero alcohol, making it much more lucrative to go to your local pub and order a real Guinness for the same price, half the calories, and infinitely more fun. Who knows, maybe you'll even make a friend and shoot darts together. Will that friend turn out to be a psychopath and try to stab you with a dart? It's happened to me before! Several times.

Thanks to asdfasdf, who only plays electronic darts with the plastic tips due to safety concerns.

Fools!: Researchers Teach Robot To Pilot Flight Simulator


In this will all end very poorly news, researchers in South Korea have taught a little humanoid robot to pilot a flight simulator. Admittedly, it does pretty well. So, let's say in a couple years they have the technology for robots to fly passenger planes autonomously. Would you rather be flown around by a robot or a human? "A DRAGON." Good f***ing answer. When reached for comment about South Korea's robot pilot, North Korea informed me they already have robots flying commercial flights, and recently welcomed the safe return of a pair of autonomous robot astronauts who traveled to the surface of the sun and back to bring home rainbow crystals.

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That's A Hell Of A Deep End: New Deepest Swimming Pool Is 40-Meters (131-Feet) To The Bottom


This is Montegrotto Terme, Italy's recently completed 'Y-40' (aka 'The Deep Joy', which I've actually been called before), the new world's deepest swimming pool (previously: this one). The pool's central well reaches a depth of 40-meters (~131-feet) and is used for deep-sea diving practice. The pool also features several underwater viewing areas (including a clear tunnel) and is filled with spa water kept at 32 - 34°C (~90°F). That's nice and toasty. Still, 131-feet deep? How high is the high dive, a mile? Because I jumped off the highest Olympic diving platform once and I'm pretty sure I got brain damage. My mom said it was just swimmer's ear, but she keeps a lot of things from me.

Keep going for a video of the pool, including a guy heading to the bottom.

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