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Labor Of Love: Guy Spends Two Years Building Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft


Minecrafter Killerx20 has spent the last two years recreating Final Fantasy VII's Midgar in the world of Minecraft. This is that (links to forum where you can download the map). Creating a video game inside a video game, that's deep. Maybe not as deep as my soul, but my soul i a bottomless well. One with lots of complex feelings and emotions swirling around the dark waters at the bottom. "I don't think you understand what bottomless means." You ruin everything for me.

"As a lot are probably wondering," Killerx20 writes, "yes, more then 85% of this build WAS indeed hand placed. The only things that were not are the outer plates, tower, and reactors BUT that doesn't mean they were completed when imported, they were basically detail-less empty shells and I wanted it that way so everything on/inside them had to be hand placed for optimal detail."

Now that, that's a serious labor of love. But do you know what the biggest labor of love is? Having a baby. Just kidding, it's making a table or chair out of wood with your own two hands. If anybody makes you furniture, you hold on to that person. If anybody makes you leave the bedroom to fart while you're pillow-talking before bed, well, that one can go either way.

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Family Builds Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Out Of LEGO


This is a short pictorial of father John Wray and his children building a fictional LEGO set of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. Pretty cute, right? It's cool, I'm man enough to be able to admit when things are cute. I like kittens, I like baby animals. I even like those little Precious Moments figurines. I mean, I don't COLLECT them, I can just appreciate how cute they are and how amazing a bunch of them lined up on my mantle would look. "Let me see your apartment." What? No. It's, uh, it's being fumigated.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees invisibility would definitely be a sweet superpower provided you can turn it on and off and not just constantly get ignored at restaurants.

Fill The Oceans With Concrete: Squids Attacks Submarine

This is a short Vine video released by Greenpeace of a couple squids attacking one of their submarines in the Bering Sea between Russia and Alaska. I'm not even sure what the hell I'm watching, but I guarantee you that evil sea-witch Ursula is behind it. Now raise your hand if, at any time during the 'The Little Mermaid', you thought about what Ursula would taste like. Now look around the room. Everybody with their hand up needs help. Especially the guy with both hands up yelling, "I thought the same thing about Ariel!"

Thanks to me, for being man enough to admit the oceans are so terrifying I'm starting to not even feel safe on dry land anymore.

I Feel Cultured: Woman Makes Cleavage Dance To Mozart


Portrait mode, really? With boobs that size you should know better.

In what's arguably the best piece of performance art I've seen in years, this is a video of internet model Sara X making her cleavage dance to Mozart's "Eine kleine Nachtmusik". Everything about it is perfect, right down to her thousand-yard stare. That's how you know she takes her craft seriously. Focus -- FOCUS! *left boob, right boob, both boobs, both boobs* Now I'm not saying this woman belongs on the cover of a Wheaties box, but I am l saying people would probably eat more Wheaties if she was. Also, START PUTTING TOYS INSIDE.

Keep going for the video, then start practicing at your desk.

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Spider Burrows Under Guy's Skin, Lives There For 3 Days


This is the scar left on Australian vacationer Dylan Maxell after a spider in Bali burrowed into his appendix scar and traveled up through chest over the next three days. Note to self: cancel honeymoon in Bali, look into Antarctica instead.

"Well after running tests and putting things inside my stomach they finally found out it was a tropical spider that's been living inside me for the last three days," Maxwell posted...

"Haven't felt so violated in my life before! Just glad it's all over", he said.

After returning to Australia earlier this week, doctors removed the tropical visitor.

Wait -- he was allowed to fly with a tropical spider living inside his chest?! I would have cut that f***er out myself. Did he have to claim it with customs? I feel like countries generally frown on bringing foreign plants, animals and insects home with you. "This is Australia we're talking about." TRUE. What does the rest of the world have that Australia doesn't have twice as bad? I bet this spider was beat up and mugged by some real spiders before it even left the airport.

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3-D Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil And Octopus Coffee Mugs


These are the $13 3-D tyrannosaurus rex and octopus coffee mugs designed and sold by ThinkGeek. The t-rex holds 17-ounces, the octopus 15-ounces, and both make the perfect mugs to differentiate yourself from the rest of your coworkers. "Nice mug, GW." NO SHIT IT IS, PHIL, I'M UNIQUE AND MY MUG LETS EVERYBODY KNOW THAT. Look at your stupid mug -- did you get that for free at a job fair or what? "It says '#1 DAD', my kids gave it to me for Father's Day." *sobbing* I'M MEAN BECAUSE I'M LONELY.

Thanks to my pal Terry, who used to have this cool color-changing dinosaur coffee mug but it doesn't change colors anymore because it took a trip through the dishwasher. Hand-wash only, homie.

Point-Of-View Drone Racing Through The Woods Like Star Wars Speeder Bikes/Pods


This is a video of a group of French drone hobbyists racing quadrocopters (and other variants) through the woods with the help of on-board cameras and video goggles. It looks like fun. Especially if those copters were outfitted with POWERFUL LASER WEAPONS capable of F***ING SHIT UP.

Twenty-four competitors raced their drones through the 150 m (492 ft) course, the field made up of quadcopters and multicopters customized for an optimal balance of speed and agility. Having to contend with obstacles such as trees, rival drones, low-hanging branches and sharp contrasts in lighting, the racers darted through the forest at speeds as high as 50 km/h (31 mph).

Competing in groups of four, the pilots viewed all the action through goggles, which were fed a stream from micro-cameras built into the front of the drones. The race required them to complete three laps, something Pellarin described as quite an achievement given the inherent difficulties in flying drones through thick forest at high speeds.

I don't think I'd be able to do it, I get motion-sick pretty easy. Even just walking I start to feel queasy. "You just use that an excuse to lay in bed all day." You're not my doctor. "Look again." Oh shit, Doctor Stephenson - - what are you doing here?! Did you get my blood test results? "Yes, and if you don't stop masturbating you're going to go blind." Wait, like, FOREVER? "Yes." Damn. Well I guess I should get used to swinging one of those sticks around.

Keep going for two videos, the second of which is almost all POV scenes and crashes.

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Flying, I Am: Giant Yoda Head Hot Air Balloon


This is the giant Yoda head hot air balloon (as well as a Darth Vader one previously seen HERE) recently on display at the 2014 Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, which I unfortunately had to miss this year because I was home sick with life-threatening diarrhea. PROTIP: If a friend ever bets you to eat a raw chicken breast, just tell them they can keep their two dollars.

Keep going for several more shots and a short video.

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