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Guy Performing Skateboard Tricks With Wheelbarrow


In WTF did I just watch news, this is a video of a guy performing skateboarding tricks with a golden wheelbarrow. He doesn't actually get IN the wheelbarrow, just flips it around and uses to grind rails and jump stairs and stuff. You know, my dad used to push my brother and I around in a wheelbarrow when we were kids. Those were better times. Now I get pushed around on the bus and people call me names and try to steal my wallet. Sometimes I think Peter Pan might have had the right idea. "About staying young?" No, about carrying a sword.

Keep going for the video, then come over and watch me grind the rail outside my apartment building with a weed-wacker. Also, just skip to 1:30 for the tricks to start unless you want to hear him talking about how much cooler his wheelbarrow is than yours.

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Poster Of All 151 Original Pokemon Doing Battle Together


Note: Larger version HERE in case you're from the bigger is better school of penises.

This is a cartoon poster of all 151 original Pokemon doing battle simultaneously as imagined by artist Jhall Comics. You can buy prints/posters/phone cases of the design HERE and shirts HERE. Or you can save that money and put it aside for your own retirement. That's a waste though, because the world is definitely going to end before then. A man from the future told me. Although I did find him panhandling on a street corner. But he said he was only panhandling because all the future currency he brought back is no good in 2014. Honestly, they all looked like cigarette butts to me, but who am I to argue with a time traveler?

Thanks to Ford, who agrees Charizard will come out on top.

Music Video Featuring Iconic Album Covers Beatboxing


This is the music video for Roy Kafri's 'Maykero'. It features a bunch of classic album covers animated to appear as if they're beatboxing. Plus the song isn't that bad either. It reminds of the kind of song I'd listen to if I purposefully wanted to drive myself insane and attack all my apartment neighbors with a ninja sword. Which, for the record, I kind of want to do anyways. These people suck. I can't wait till one of them reads Geekologie and realizes I'm talking about them. Is it you that clogs the trash chute every week stuffing pizza boxes down there? Or that just throws your Starbucks cups in the stairwell? Granted the building is a total shithole, but there's no reason to make it an even BIGGER shithole. And stop letting your dogs only pee on the one little patch of grass right outside, TAKE THEM FOR A WALK. You can seriously smell dog piss from like a block away. Honestly, I might just burn this f***er to the ground on Christmas.

Keep going for the video. It's worth a watch.

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BottleLoft Hangs Beer Bottles In Your Fridge w/ Magnets


This is an already funded Kickstarter project for the BeerLoft storage system ($20 for one, $35 for two). Each strip adheres to the top of the fridge with a piece of 3M adhesive and can hold up to the three beers (or other metal-topped bottles) using neodymium magnets. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they got the spacing right to hold 40's. Also, you might have to lower the top shelf in your fridge to be able to actually fit anything under the bottles, since beer bottles on the top shelf of my fridge almost reach the top already. Still, your beer-drinking friends will think it's a cool idea, which, let's not kid ourselves, is the only reason you bought them in the first place.

Keep going for a couple more shots.

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Cat Dressed As Princess Jasmine Riding Flying Carpet


This is a video of 13-year old snowshoe cat Max-Arthur (aka the shark riding a Roomba cat) dressed as Princess Jasmine and riding a Roomba powered flying carpet. I'm pretty sure it's this year's best Halloween costume and he deserves all the Fancy Feast. Did I ever tell you about the time my cat killed a mouse and put in one of my shoes? Because that happened. I didn't realize it until I was squishing something with my toes and the shoe wouldn't fit. What's your favorite Aladdin song? Mine's Part Of Your World. "That's from The Little Mermaid." You're damn right it is.

Keep going for the whole video.

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Beautiful: Master Chief And Arbiter As Ancient Mayan Art


This is the latest Mayan style painting created by Etsy seller RetroNerdStudios. I also included shots of her Zelda and Metroid style Mayan paintings after the jump, all of which are available as prints HERE. The prints have gotten a lot of attention recently after the artist's husband, Redditor NotSureHowItGoes (then f***ing Google it!) posted them on Imgur. I bet it's nice to have family and friends that believe in you and want to see you succeed. My friends all want to see me fail as hard as possible and will try to get me drunk the night before an important job interview. Plus change the clock on my phone so my alarm doesn't even wake me up in time. My therapist says I should leave them, but then I'd have nobody to live-text when my favorite shows are on.

Keep going for the other two.

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Needs More Shotgun: Zombie Apocalypse Bicycle


This is the 'zombie proof bicycle' built by UK-based bike insurance company ETA for Halloween. It has everything you need to provide just enough false sense of security to confidently ride headlong into a horde of the undead and get torn limb from limb, including: an electric chainsaw, flame thrower, smoke grenade, splatter shield and hatchet. The electric chainsaw makes me laugh. What it SHOULD have is a marble dispenser on the back for when you're being chased. You ever seen a bunch of zombies trying to walk on marbles before? Comedy gold. Their arms and legs practically break themselves off.

Keep going for a closeup and video.

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Astronomical!: You Could Fit All The Planets In The Solar System In The Distance Between The Earth And Moon


This is a visualization of the average distance from earth to the moon, with all the planets of the solar system neatly fitting between the two with room to spare. Wow, it's weird to think the moon is actually that far away. Because when I'm outside looking at it at night it seems like it's RIGHT THERE. Like, so close I could hit it with a rock if I just... *neighbor's window shattering* BACK INSIDE, BACK INSIDE. Cut the lights!

Thanks to Martin M, who agrees they should have still included Pluto for old time's sake.