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Old Pinball Machine Repurposed As A Desk


This is the old Charlie's Angels pinball machine that was upcycled into a desk by Connecticut artist Tim Sway. Not a bad idea. Have I ever told you I used to own a Twilight Zone pinball machine? I used to own a Twilight Zone pinball machine. That was many moons ago though. Sadly, I don't have enough room in my current apartment for a pinball machine or desk. Which is why I work from the couch. Is there a such thing as adult-onset scoliosis? Because I feel like I'm getting it. *stands up* See? "That's not scoliosis, that's a hunchback." DON'T LOOK AT ME, I'M HIDEOUS. Just lock me away in a bell-tower and nobody will ever have to lay eyes on me again.

Keep going for a time-lapse of the build.

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Congratulations?: Man Sets Record For Most Tattoos Of A Single Cartoon Character With 41 Homers


Meet 27-year old New Zealander Lee Weir. Lee was just confirmed to hold the Guinness World Record for 'most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body'. He has 41 Homer tattoos, all in a single arm sleeve. Think how many he could have with dual sleeves! Plus a whole back piece. I bet he's got lots of leg-space too! Now, not to brag or anything, but I could easily beat Lee's record-- "Let me guess, on your penis alone." Ahahahhahahaha, YES. *wiping tear* I've sorry for getting emotional, I'm just so proud of how well your conditioning is coming along.

Thanks to Lynn, who wants to set the world record for most tattoos of that wolf whose eyes pop out of his head whenever he sees a pretty girl.

I'm Gonna Die!: Amusement Park Ride Drops Untethered Thrill-Seekers 100-Feet Into A Net


*kick, kick -- byeeeee!*

These are a couple videos of people riding the the Sky Tower at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark. You basically just freefall 100-feet into a net below, reaching speeds up to 55MPH in the process. It's like throwing yourself off a building, but without the dying at the end. Would you ride? I would not, but I would get a friend drunk enough to pass out and not wake until he's about to be dropped. Could you imagine the look on his face? Not to mention the spraying feces! It will ruin our friendship, but I will not care.

Keep going for a video of a bunch of people doing it, and another one of the hook-up process and a single drop at the end (skip to 2:20 if you just want to see the action).

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Dad Builds Giant Mech Warrior Playhouse For His Kids


This is the mech warrior playhouse built by Alabama dad and NASA scientist Jim Martin for his children. The playhouse is based off the Mad Cat, a mech from the analog (read: paper-and-pencil based) role-playing game MechWarrior. Could you imagine growing up with a mech warrior playhouse? You would be so lucky. I did not have a playhouse or a treefort. You know where I played? In the crawlspace under my actual house. I can almost guarantee you I hold the world record for most hours playing Mole-Man.

Thanks to Yuareg, who allegedly had an entire Ewok village in his backyard and is hands down the most spoiled kid I have ever heard of.

Modern Kids React To The Original Ninja Turtles Cartoon


In honor of that questionable new NInja Turtles movie coming out in a few weeks, the folks at TheFineBros had modern children watch and respond to the original Ninja Turtles cartoon (previously: responding to a Game Boy). As usual, they are unappreciative little jerks. Except the one kid who wants to dance to the theme song and loves Leonardo, he seemed decent. After watching the intro, they then had the children vote on whether or not they'd be interested in watching more of the cartoon. It got voted down 7 to 5. May God have mercy on your souls.

Keep going for the video.

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Prayers Answered: Spray-Can Cake Batter Is Coming


20-year old Harvard student John McCallum had a dream. A dream of spray-can cake batter that cooks in the microwave in about a minute and still has the same texture and taste as regular cake. And he made that dream come true. The only dream I've ever had come true? The one where I trip and fall and lose teeth.

After learning about the chemistry behind what makes cakes rise, the 20-year-old decided to see if the accelerant in aerosol cans, which releases bubbles into the product as it comes out, would also allow cakes to rise without any baking soda or baking powder. Luckily for us, it did.

The rest is history, and we should expect to see Spray Cake on the shelves as soon as John finds a manufacturing partner (he already has a distributor lined up). Now nobody will have an excuse not to be fat! "Yeah, it's unhealthy." That is not an excuse, that is a COP-OUT.

Keep going for two videos, a weird one they made themselves (warning: contains awkward dancing), and a news report.

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The Queen's Royal Guard Plays Game Of Thrones Theme


So apparently Queen Elizabeth's royal guard took time out of their busy schedule of standing around while people make funny faces at them to perform the Game of Thrones theme in front of Buckingham Palace. This is a video of that performance. You think the Queen is the one masterminding all the complaints to George R.R. for taking to long to finish the series? "I'm already 88-years old -- George needs to hurry the f*** up!" I imagine her yelling to the roomful of royal guard gathered in a secret command center deep beneath Buckingham Palace.

Keep going for the video.

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Getting High Down Low: Cannabis Spray For Vaginas


Foria is a mix of medical cannabis oil and coconut oil for use on vaginas that contains 2mg of THC per spray. It's recommended you spray 12mg (~6 sprays) in and around your vagina, then relax for 30 minutes while it starts to do its thing. It's thing being "feelings of enhanced warmth, increased blood flow, tingling, and relaxation. Also the potential to orgasm easier, have multiple orgasms, or climaxing longer and/or more intense." Sounds promising. Unfortunately I don't have a vagina to try it out on, sooooo..."We've told you a million times, GW -- your butt is not a vagina." No, but it's all I've got. I'll report back with my findings. "Please don't." DAMMIT, I'M DOING SCIENCE AND YOU ARE GOING TO LISTEN. Ooooh, a little tingly so far. Somebody bring me a Sharpie, STAT.

Thanks to PYY, who informed me the best spray for vaginas is not WD-40 despite what I swear I read in Popular Mechanics when I was a kid.