You Glow Girl: Barbie Gets An Interactive LED Dress

March 1, 2013


Don't worry, I just punched myself in the neck for that whole 'you glow girl' thing. I deserved it. And probably much worse. Because we live in the future, and the future shines like the lens flare in a new Star Trek movie, Mattel is releasing a $50(!) Barbie with an interactive LED dress. It looks a little short for something I'd let my daughter wear. Well, future daughter. Who am I kidding, my nuts are dry.

[The dress] can be illuminated by 114 tri-color LEDs. The dress is controlled by a 4.5 square inch (29 sq cm) resistive touch panel which can be drawn on with fingers, or an included pink (naturally!) stylus.

Different modes - which are selected by buttons on Barbie's heart necklace - give users the ability to play a series of ready-to-go graphics, like hearts and fireworks, or draw custom animated designs after selecting their colors of choice. A third mode sees graphics on the dress respond to music and sounds.

When I was growing up our action figures and dolls didn't have glowing LEDs, if you wanted them to light up you had to SET THEM ON FIRE behind your house while your parents were at work. Those were simpler times.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video demo of her interactivity.



Thanks to Catherine, who made some Katy Perry reference I didn't get and that's okay with me.

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