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Finally: Costume Wigs With Attached Unicorn Horns


Because what furry/My Little Pony cosplayer wants to wear a wig and a SEPARATE unicorn horn, Etsy seller GimmCat is selling wigs with pre-attached horns. Plus ears. She also sells tails but you have to buy those separately. I'm particularly fond of this model because I've always wanted white hair but the one time I tried bleaching it in high school it turned out piss-yellow and everyone made fun of me until I finally shaved it then they made even more fun of me because it turns out I have a penis shaped birthmark on the back of my head. I can't catch a break. Fun fact: I actually have a friend who's a girl (already hard to believe, I know) that always wears a party hat and I suspect is a unicorn hybrid in disguise. Not a very good disguise mind you, but we all play along with the hope she can grant wishes.

Hit the jump for shots of other models.







Thanks to Mary Ann, who once spent years marooned on a tropical island with a group of misfits. I bet you've never heard that one before.

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