MY NEW BFF: Human-Faced Dog Up For Adoption

February 12, 2013


This is Tonik, a "human-faced" poodle/shih-tzu mix looking for adoption. Tonik was at a kill shelter in Kentucky before being rescued by the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group ('Homeward Bound' -- I cried) and is currently waiting to find his forever home (after being photographed by professional pet photographer Renny Mills). They say he has a human face, but personally I've never seen a human face that hairy before -- except for on the mother of a certain ex-girlfriend! HIYO, Mrs. Newbell -- your daughter broke my heart. Now, 15 years later, I'm slandering your family on the internet. You know what they say: revenge is a dish best served with those cheese biscuits like they have at Red Lobster. "You always were too immature for Allison." Ouch. I'll be back in bed with the covers over my head if anybody needs me.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of Tonik. Get him a friend named Gin! (or Jin if we're going with the whole intentional misspelling theme)



Thanks to chichi, who agrees the best faced dogs are the ones that look like little bears.

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