Real Products: Disney 'Mickey & Friends' Voltron Figure

October 22, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE with better detail.

This is an officially licensed 'Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends' action figure from toymaker Tamashii Nation. All the characters come together to form a giant robot, a la Voltron. Man, I used to have ALL the Voltron toys when I was a kid. A couple My Little Ponies too, back before it even cool to be a Brony. "It's never been cool to be a Brony." Right?! Beanie Babies -- that's the hot shit.

Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends is composed of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Steamboat Willy, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Ace Willy is the head, Jet Mickey and Sky Minnie will be the torso, Diver Donald and Aqua Daisy are the arms, while Land Goofy and Dash Pluto & Doghouse will be the legs.

The set will cost around $160 when it comes out next March. Can't wait till March? Well TOO BAD, that's when they come out. If they let you have one early they'd have to let everyone have one early because you do NOT deserve any sort of preferential treatment. A punch in the face, yes. "You're projecting again, GW." BREAK MY STUPID NOSE.

Hit the jump for another shot.


Thanks to Brian R, who agrees toys that snap together to form bigger toys are always cool. Unless they're ADULT toys, then sometimes they can get so big they're scary. That's not coming anywhere near my butt!

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