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WHAAAAAAAAA!: What Eyeball Stitches Look Like


These are Redditor Philawesomeraptor's girlfriend's eyeball stitches. She recently got a cornea transplant after suffering from a degenerative eye disease, and this is the result. Admittedly, it's kind of beautifully terrifying. Of course, if I had a degenerative eye disease and needed a new cornea I wouldn't care if they f***ing stapled the thing in there, just as long as I could see again. Thanks, science! Now do hoverboards.

Thanks to Pico De Gallo, who got all pissed off when I tried to take a bite of him. Then don't sound so tasty!

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  • William Mak


  • Best part is the center part, the transplant is part of dead person's eyes...

  • It looks cool. Science is wonderful.

  • Davo555

    Worst thing ever. I tore and detached my retina and had to have dissolvable stitches in my eyeball after surgery and then put vaseline in my eye every few hours for over a week. Seriously, I feel their pain, I would rather chop off my pinky than go through something like that again.

  • $18922249

    This is without question, the most unsettling thing that I have seen all morning.

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