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Water Droplets Rolling On Superhydrophobic Powder


This is a video of some colored water droplets quickly rolling their asses off a paper surface covered with a superhydrophobic powder. Superhydrophobics man, I don't GET them. Like, if two dudes want to kiss each other, that's their business. If deciding who can make out with who was anybody else's business it would be MINE, and I would have given you a big ol' NO on the girl who had her tongue down your throat at the bar on Friday. "Whatever man, she was kinda hot." No, she was kinda hiding her webbed hands in her pockets all night. If she was a Disney princess she would be the big blue monster from Monsters, Inc. "Ouch." The truth hurts, brobro.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to bb, who want to coat a pool with this stuff so the first person to do a cannonball drains the thing.

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