This Is What Happens When You Dump Trash In A Volcano

June 25, 2012


Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a 30kg (~66-lb) box of trash (predominately food remnants) into a volcano from 80-meters (~262-feet)? Me too! Man, I get bored and think of all kinds of shit. Like, what would happen if you got struck by lightning while holding fireworks. Would they go off? Is there any chance of turning into a firework-related superhero? And, if so, is a Native American rain dance still the best way to summon a storm? Why are there so many landfills when we have perfectly good volcanoes to throw trash into? If you toss enough garbage in them will they eventually all simultaneously erupt and destroy the world? How soon can we start dumping?

Hit the jump for the video. Allegedly it's so violent because of the steam produced by the organic matter.

Thanks to Tomas, who wants to see what happens when you drive a monster truck full of watermelons into a volcano.

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