Iffy Beer Mug Foams Your Beer With The Push Of A Button

June 21, 2012


Beer: it's the best drink ever invented. Second place is chocolate milk. NO ARGUING. And now Japanese questionable products retailer Brando is selling this $23 'Professional Beer Foam Making Mug' that uses a spring-action to foam your beer with the push of a button. Why? NO IDEA. Well, no good idea anyways.

Some people hate beer foam and will gripe about how you're not pouring the beer into a glass at an angle and all that BS and some people love it because it's brings out the aromatic flavor of the brew. If you fall into the latter boat, this instant-foaming mug by Brando is the perfect gift for you.

Listen: if you're such a beer connoisseur that you want a nice, frothy head on your brew to appreciate it's aromatic flavor, I doubt you're drinking out of a PLASTIC F***ING MUG. But who am I to judge? I'm just a man who's willing to lick the table if he spills a shot. Just ask my girlfriend. "It's embarrassing." YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME FOR WHO I AM.

Hit the jump for a product demonstration video with more OOHs and AAHs than seemed necessary.

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