What Say You, Thor?: Guy Builds Homemade Tesla Rifle

May 16, 2012


This is a video of a mad scientist (although he looks sort of happy in a "never learned how to smile" kinda way) showing off his homemade Tesla coil rifle. It's a battery operated Tesla coil in the form factor of a rifle. Could you take down Thor with it? Not a chance. Could you give Magneto a boner with it? Every single time. One time he was over for tea when I accidentally put a spoon in the microwave and I could see his nipples get hard through his shirt.

Hit the jump for a shot of it shooting lightning in the dark and and a video demo.


Thanks to bb, Cpt. Waffles and Matt, who agree the only thing cooler than a Tesla rifle is a Tesla bazooka. YES -- one mounted on a t-rex with ninja swords for arms!

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