Back The Future On A Budget: DeLorean Brand Bicycles

May 16, 2012


Want to travel back in time and go to prom because you never did? You're a waste of a time traveler. But for those of us with serious time-traveling aspirations comes this line of DeLorean brand bicycles. Just add a bike basket, toss a flux capacitor in there, and you'll be killing Hitler faster than he can say, "Mein schwanz ist so groß wie mein Schnurrbart," (My d*ck is as big as my mustache). The bikes will start at *massive spit-take* $5,500 and will be available in three different models for direct sale from their website soon. The only question is, how will we get them up to 88MPH? "Get towed behind a sports car?" JESUS -- I want to time travel, not die. I say we ride them off a cliff.

Hit the jump for some closeups.






Thanks to Curtis, who agrees there's nothing worse than time traveling back to the past only for some @$$hole caveman to steal your bike tires and try to claim he invented the wheel.

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