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Fish Fashion: Laser-Cut 'Designer' Sushi Wrappers (Nori)


This is a line of laser-cut nori (seaweed) sushi wrappers created by Japanese ad agency I&S BBDO (pronounced boobie-do, as in, "her stomach sticks out further than her boobie-do") for Umino Seaweed to help boost business after last year's devastating tsunami. I dig them. I also dig for buried treasure on the beach. "Ever find anything?" Just a hermit crab wearing a used condom for a shell :/

Hit the jump for closeups of some of the designs.


Thanks to bb, who knows all too well if I eat sushi late at night I yell in my sleep. And to the TOASTer, who burnt my bread this morning so we're not really on speaking terms. I can't believe it -- you KNEW that was my last slice and you still did it!

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