It Must Be Ladies Night!: HR Giger Alien High Heels

March 13, 2012


Well folks, between the other high heels, eyebrow bajazzeling and anti-titty chess match dress code, it looks like today's turned into Ladies Night on Geekologie. And you all know what that means! "$4 flavored vodka shooters till close?!" HA -- sure, provided the flavor is room-temperature plain vodka and I can close in an hour. I'm one of those bartenders who likes to, you know, bend the rules. "You mean get shitcanned on the job and leave early?" I do indeed! This is an HR Giger Alien-inspired high heel designed by Alexander McQueen a couple years ago. Granted I think it looked more like a platinum t-rex skull than an alien head, but that's probably just the last dino post talking. *BRAP!* That? That was the Arby's talking. "What did it say?" RUN.

Alien-Inspired High-Heels [geeksaresexy]

Thanks to carey, who once walked across a fire-pit to prove a point. And that point? She's willing to walk across a fire-pit for $40.

EDIT: HR Giger was misspelled HG Giger. That's what happens when you're surrounded by G's all day.

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