Outerspace Real Estate: Mass Effect Monopoly Set

January 4, 2012


Inspired by this Fallout 3 Monopoly set, DeviantARTist TommyFilth (take a f***ing bath!) went and created this Mass Effect version. As you can see, it would be infinitely funner to play than regular Monopoly, and at least 2x as fun as the novelty version modeled after your hometown. Oh shishi -- I smell a game night!

Geekologie Writer: So we're gonna play Mass Effect Monopoly, you be the banker.
You: Okay.
Geekologie Writer: Now look under the table.
You: ...You're pointing your penis at me.
Geekologie Writer: Pretend it's a gun. THIS IS A STICK-UP!
You: You're peeing.
Geekologie Writer: Now imagine if those were bullets.

Hit the jump for several more closeups and a link to Tommy's DeviantART page.





Tommy's DeviantART

Mass Effect Monopoly [rampagedreality]

Thanks to Terry, who's holding out for a Skyrim version. Please, you think somebody doesn't already have one in the works?

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