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It's Taking My Presents!: Cthulhu Tentacle X-Mas Tree


This is a Christmas tree with a Cthulhu plushie on top and a bunch of tentacles stuck on branches. Because why shouldn't Christmas be more about scaring children? "Who told you that?" The Santa at the mall with the evil clown face! Just kidding, it was at a rave and he told me he's not bringing anything but nightmares this year. "Jesus." WHERE?!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




A Very Lovecraft Cthulhu Christmas Tree is Full of Tentacles
A Very Lovecraft Christmas [geyserofawesome] (Archie McPhee's blog)

Thanks to martin, who agrees it's just not Christmas without tentacles. And to khz, who applied to be one of Santa's little helpers at the mall but failed the background check.

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