Turn Off The Lights!: Glow Pillow With LEDs

November 4, 2011


The Lumi Nube is a conceptual pillow with integrated strips of LED tape that light up so you can...I dunno, do whatever the hell you'd do with a glowing pillow. "OMG, I'm gonna have my girlfriend sit on t--" Stop it right there, pervert. I don't even wanna hear what kind of unholy kinkery is about to come out of your mouth.

Luminube is a pillow cover with integrated LED lights that provide ambient light for reading, easing you to sleep, or even waking you up with its smartphone controlled timer.

The pillow plugs into a standard wall outlet, and provides a USB plug for your smartphone. Because if there's one thing I need in bed, it's more power cords. *eying crock pot and waffle iron* You know what would suck? Accidentally flipping your glow pillow on in the middle of the night and then not being able to fall back asleep because you just thought your head was on fire.

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Pillow Glow [yankodesign]
Lumi Nube, Illuminating LED-filled Pillow Cover Design Concept [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Carol, who uses her arm for a pillow because she likes that dead-arm feel in the morning. You're sick.

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