Worthless: SIRI The Stupid Personal Assistant

October 17, 2011


Because the new iPhone's SIRI personal assistant was practically made for novelty purposes, here she is responding to a bunch of bull$h!t. I honestly don't know who to feel sorrier for: SIRI, or the people taking the time to try to come up with the things to ask her. Kidding, it's definitely me for posting it. But seriously, have you never talked to an AIMbot before? I mean, I used to do that back in college when it was cool. "It was never cool." And neither was I -- until now. *puts on shades, struts around office like a badass* "The back of your pants are torn and there's bare ass peeping." Soooooooooo...daddy forgot his underwear is what you're saying? "Don't call yourself daddy." *brap!* "Did you just--" HE WHO SAYS ALOUD MADE THE CLOUD!

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the 'if you were a real personal assistant you would have been fired years ago.'








Ridiculously Hilarious Siri Responses [buzzfeed] (also -- "ridiculously hilarious?!?!)
The funny things that Siri says [macgazette]

Thanks to Q-Zar (YES!) and Ryan, who agree a personal assistant that can't make coffee is probably just an AI program.

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