Yeti 'Evidence' Photos From Siberian Trek

October 26, 2011


This is a series of photographs depicting the "irrefutable" Yeti evidence found in Siberia during the recent hunt for the elusive (read: make-believe) creature. This photo here depicts what Yeti experts (read: crazy dipshits) are calling a Yeti "nest", because apparently they lay eggs now and hatch the storks that bring babies to expectant mothers. I know, I always thought that was the Phoenix's job too. My whole world's been turned upside down!

Hit the jump for a photo gallery consisting predominately of broken tree branches.


Yeti cave


Yeti shit footprint


Yeti pube (he must be an old one)


Yeti teepee/possible art installation


"This is where he got married."


"His balls come up to here."

Bigfoot Hunters Detect Signs of the Hairy Beast in Siberia [wallstreetjournal]

Thanks to Matt, who, for the right price, can bring you a live Yeti. Oooooooooor the Geekologie Writer in a modified gorilla suit. We're splitting this 50/50, right?

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