Most Complete Dinosaur Skeleton To Date

October 16, 2011


This is the most complete dinosaur skeleton found to date, with a whopping 98% of its bones preserved. In comparison, the most complete t-rex ever found is only 80% complete. Well, 75% after the museum discovers the theft. You think I don't spoon a dino bone to sleep every night?! I don't -- it spoons me.

Measurements of the fossil's skull, body proportions and bone surface have led Rauhut and his team of paleontologists to conclude that the dinosaur was no more than a year old when it died, which only adds to the excitement surrounding the discovery (the remains of young dinosaurs are also a rare find).

According to Darren Naish, a paleontologist at the University of Southampton, the as-yet-unnamed dinosaur appears to have a longer tail and proportionally shorter legs than other, similar theropods, but whether this is simply due to the dinosaur's age or its being an entirely new species remains to be seen.

It's actually a pretty small dinosaur, so it's not really on my 'to-do' list. No, this is the kind of dino you'd kill with a spear and roast over a fire. Then? S'mores. "Where you gonna find marshmallows 135 million years ago?" Good question -- I'm gonna use its eyeballs. "You're sick." Ha -- you're the one that just ate a wooly mammoth penis! "You said it was a just really big hotdog!" AND IT WAS KINDA!

The Most Well-Preserved Dinosaur Skeleton Ever Found in Europe [io9]

Thanks to Deepti, who finds 0% complete dinosaur skeletons all the time. OMG -- they're everywhere!

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