Questionable: Jacket With Built-In Breathalyzer

September 14, 2011


This is a jacket prototype by designer Matt Leggett (not to be confused with Mark Armmett), that has an integrated breathalyzer sewn into the sleeve. Just not a very practical one. *straightening bowtie* Or classy.

Designed with an Arduino, an alcohol sensor and a simple LED display, the breathalyzer coat aims as a deterrent to drunk driving. Curious if your blood alcohol level is over the limit? Just blow into the alcohol sensor located in the collar of your coat and watch the LEDs light up on your sleeve, indicating your drunkenness level.

I assume the jacket displays blood alcohol content in 0.02 increments, up to 0.08 (the typical legal limit), but I'm not really sure. An even better way of knowing if you're too drunk to drive? CATCHING YOURSELF BLOWING INTO THE COLLAR OF YOUR JACKET. No -- even owning a breathalyzer jacket. If you own a breathalyzer jacket you're f***ing trashed.

Hit the jump for a larger shot of the God, let me just call you a cab (you already lost your phone).


'Breathalyzer Jacket' [fashioningtech]

Thanks to gancos, who measures drunkness the same way I do: by alternating blinking his eyes and seeing how much his beer glass moves. I...only see shoes. "You passed out -- you're on the floor." I like it here.

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