Pokemon Character Evolution Themed Dranks

September 8, 2011


This is a series of drinks from the mixologist over at The Drunken Moogle based on three original Pokemon characters and their different evolved states. I'm serious, I'm not actually making this up -- I've made up a lot of things in my life, but this isn't one of them. Telling a girlfriend I'm pregnant just so she'll stay with me, absolutely. I probably should have done more research aside, this is a trio of drinks depicting Charmander's evolution to Charmeleon and then to Charizard.

A lot of thought and work has gone into these cocktails to insure that color was not the only similarity between the drink and what they represent. The Bulbasaur trio is plant based, so plant ingredients like mint, melon and lime were used. The Squirtle trio of drinks is based off of the classic "hurricane" cocktail. The Charmander trio is very fired themed, using Fireball cinnamon whiskey, scotch for a smoky aftertaste, and a touch of Bacardi 151 to light aflame.

I dunno, whenever I start drinking my beer evolves into bourbon, which -- given enough time to marinate and no dinner, usually evolves into me puking in my shoes on my walk home in the opposite direction. *hugging lightpole* Hey -- HEY -- sumbudy crall me a crab.

Hit the jump for shots of the Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise and Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur cocktails, as well as the links to the ingredients lists/instructions at The Drunken Moogle.



Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard (Pokemon Cocktails)

Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise (Pokemon Shot and Cocktails)

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur (Pokemon Shot and Cocktails)

All from The Drunken Moogle (with a shit-ton of other themed cocktails)

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