Identity Crisis: The Amphibious Trailer-Boat

September 12, 2011


This is the Sealander, a camping trailer small enough to be towed behind a regular-sized car that, when backed into the water, turns into a lil boat. No word if it has a glass bottom so you can watch mermaids making love in the seaweed below, but probably not considering MERMAIDS ONLY MATE ON WHITE-SAND BEACHES AT HIGH TIDE UNDER A FULL MOON. God, don't you know anything about anything?!

The tiny trailer can be pulled behind a car, the interior rearranges from kitchen to sleeping area, and best of all, you can put the pod out on the water if you feel like going boating for a bit.

If you're getting excited about the possibility of having a camping trailer and boat that can be pulled behind your rented Zipcar, hold your horses. As Red Ferret reports, "This won't be up for grabs until 2012 at some point, but you're going to be looking at about $20,400 depending on different designs and configurations."

I...actually want one. I don't know about $20K though, that seems a little steep. Also: the hill my new apartment is on, which is why I had to ditch my bike in some bushes at the bottom and walk the rest of the way. My calves are NOT looking forward to tomorrow.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a video.







Official Site (go order you one and we'll go crabbin'!)
Amphibious Camping Trailer Morphs From Tent Into Boat [treehugger]

Thanks to Outdoor Andy, who's spent so much time camping he actually knows if a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around if it makes noise or not. WELL?!?!

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