Return Of The Wonkeye: Kitty Lightsaber Battle

August 26, 2011


This is a cute (that's right, I said it!) 16-second video of two cats with lightsabers duking it out Jedi style. They both seem...special. Especially the one in the picture here. I'm not sure if he was born ass-first or what, but there's definitely something wrong with him. You know what I think it is? He's not in my lap. DAAAW PRETTY KITTY COME KNEAD GW'S BELLY!

Hit the jump for 16-seconds of sweetness.

Jedi Kittens makes the whole week worth it [io9]

Thanks to Sham, who claims one of her gerbils Jedi mind-tricked another one into riding a hamster ball down the stairs.

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