Miles Morales, The Multicultural Spiderman

August 4, 2011


Meet Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spiderman after Peter Packer (not changing it) met his demise at the hands of Green Goblin back in June (really -- the f***ing goblin got you?!). Miles is a nerdy highschooler of black and Latino descent and NOT dino and dragon descent like all my fanmail specifically requested.

Brian Michael Bendis, who has written every issue of "Ultimate Spider-Man," told the Associated Press he wanted to create a new character that came from a completely different background and world view. The idea of a multi-ethnic Spidey has long been in the works, though the Marvel Comics writer gives some credit to African American actor Donald Glover, who last summer lobbied to audition for the star role in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Hey, I'm all for it. And I'm not just saying that because I don't want you to think I'm racist because I can't even see race. OR through women's shirts. With every blessing there's a curse.

Marvel Introduces a Mixed-Race Spider-Man to Replace Peter Parker [time]

Thanks to [S]d:G, lady, Cristoff and Judie, who agree that when it comes to culture and hot sauce, more is better.

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