Every Girl's Dream: Fire-Breathing Robot Pony

August 2, 2011


This is a Wiimote-controlled fire-breathing robot pony being put through its paces (turning head, breathing fire) at the recent Detroit Maker's Faire by its two mohawk'd creators. The pink one clearly stealing the other's thunder aside, there is absolutely no reason why anybody should ever make a Wii-mote controlled fire-breathing robot pony (link is to a unicorn -- MY BAD). As a matter of fact, even thinking about making one should be punishable by law. AND brainwashing. *toothpicking eyelids open* Now hold still, this won't hurt a bit. *blasting with pepper spray* Haha, I'm not really sure how the whole brainwashing thing works so I'm improvising. Now, repeat after me: robots are the enemy. "MY EEEEEEEEEEEYES!!" That is not what I said. *shaking can*

Hit the jump for the short video of the 'would not ride into battle'.

Wii-mote Controlled Fire Breathing Pony [neatorama]

Thanks to Todd, who rides a broomstick with a stuffed animal horse head on the end of it into battle and makes "cloppity clop" noises while galloping around. LOLWUT?!

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