Where Not To Be During An Earthquake: Hardware Store Edition

June 16, 2011


I live in LA and am officially never fixing anything ever again.

This is the security camera footage of a local hardware store in Christchurch, New Zealand during a recent magnitude 6.3 earthquake. As you will see, it's not the place you want to be when the world starts shaking. Standing in a doorframe making sweet, sweet love to a special ladyfriend, yes. I can see it now: "God, you WOULD let an earthquake do all the work!" HAHA -- damn bro, now that's f***in' lazy! (Double entendre -- count it)

Hit the jump for the STAY OUT OF THE HAMMER AISLE. (Action starts around 1:00, watch without volume)


Thanks to Mike, who lives in Christchurch. Our thoughts go out to you and the other Kiwis effected.

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