AMAZING Rapture LEGO Build (With Insides!)

June 22, 2011


Bioshock's Rapture: hands down one of my favorite video game environments to date. "Do you hold hands and kiss a lot?" Dammit -- as in, 'to this point in time', not to wear my letter jacket, moron. This is an impressive build of the underwater city (complete with crashed plane!) by LEGOmaniac Imagine Rigney that was on display at the recent Brickworld convention. The outside is amazing, but if you're a fan of the game, or LEGO (or both!!!1), you've got to see the insides as well. I posted a couple pictures after the jump, but you should really, really, REALLY go check out the artist's Flickr page and see the high-res versions to do it justice. It even contains Sander Cohen and his creepy Quadtych masterpiece! You know, I really liked that guy alot. No -- loved. I never killed him on my first play-through and actually paused the game when I got to him on my second so we could be together forever. I'm serious, that's why I can't play my Xbox anymore.

Hit the jump for a couple more and another link to the artist's Flickr which also contains other amazing builds including Hogwarts, Howl's Moving Castle and Avatar.







Imagine's Flickr
Welcome to Rapture [brothers-brick]

Thanks to Jake, who's dying to return to Rapture. You too?! Let's plan a vacay!

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