A Challenger Appears!: World's Drunkest Man

June 9, 2011


I'mma wipe this wet floor up WITH MY FACE.

Note: Flash video embedded after jump directly from The Sun because they suck star-sized balls (sun tie-in -- count it!) when it comes to annoying copyright claims over their "exclusive" videos. You don't own London's CCTV system!

Remember the previous record holder for world's drunkest/druggiest man? Well here's a drunk-ass Brit giving Mobeer Moproblems a run (read: trip and fall) for his money. It honestly seems like he's trying to kill himself falling down. You know how they always say, "drink responsibly"? Well this guy likes to drink despondently and then take it out on his face.

Hit the jump for the MUST WATCH video that follows him around town until he (SOMEHOW) makes it back to his hotel.

Tumbling drunk has wallet hunt 10 days on [thesun]
Security Cameras Catch World's Drunkest Guy [gawker]

Thanks to Brittany, who's seen me way worse.

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