The Alphabet Of Video Game Characters

May 16, 2011


Graphic artist Lishoffs (aka Fabian Gzlez) is at it again, this time combining the characters in the English alphabet with the characters in classic video games. As you can see, A is for absolutely no idea, B is for beats me and C is for clue: I haven't got one. Just kidding, I recognized them all except for two. "Which two?" I'm not telling you that -- you'll just make fun of me! "I was going to anyways." You know what? I was talking to my therapist and she agrees your negative energy is really starting to affect this friendship. "Friendship?! We're not friends. You don't even have any friends!" *petting dead mouse* You're my friend, aren't you Mickey? You can live in my pocket forever.

Video games characters alphabet [society6] (with prints and shirts for sale)

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