LEGO Anatomy Model: We're All Just A Bunch Of Modular Plastic Parts

May 25, 2011


Bro. Hey bro -- your penis fell off.

This is a human anatomy LEGO figure (not to be confused with the anatomy OF a LEGO figure) created by LEGOmaniac and Flickr user Choking Hazards (I know they are but I can't resist!) and Photoshopped to look like it's straight out of an old anatomy book. Thankfully it's not though, because otherwise we'd have a whole bunch of doctors practicing today that can't tell @$$holes from elbows and stand just as good a chance of removing either if you go in for an appendectomy. Don't get me wrong, my b-hole isn't anything to write home about, but I'd still like to keep it. Wouldn't I? Wouldn't I, lil b-hole? "Bleach me." YOU SHUT THE F*** UP OR I WILL STOP WIPING.

Hit the jump for a bunch more.






Choking Hazard's Flickr
The Definitive Human Anatomy LEGO Skeleton [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Devon, who learned everything he knows about anatomy from a Penthouse. Unless she's a chick, in which case I meant Playgirl.

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