Chewbacca As Axl Rose Singing 'Welcome To The Jungle'/Destroying My Entire Childhood

May 24, 2011


Picture 1: Should've covered your eyes instead, little girl
Picture 2: Probably the worst 'sign of the horns' EVER

This is a video of Chewbacca dressed as Axl Rose and an Ewok as Slash performing Guns n Roses' 'Welcome to the Jungle' as part of Disney's 2011 Star Wars Weekends 'Hyperspace Hoopla'. WHAT. THE. F***? It 250% can and will shit all over any respect you might have had left for the franchise. Not depressed enough? Oh good, because there's also a 26-minute video of the entire performance embedded after the jump in case you weren't sure if you should start drinking from the flask you keep in a desk drawer. But, WARNING: you're gonna wish it was poison Kool-Aid instead of the urine I replaced your bourbon with after chugging it all. Also, stop buying the cheap stuff -- I have a refined palate. No, no I don't, but I can taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi while blindfolded. Just no trying to stick a wiener in my mouth when I'm in the dark or I'll tear it off like Macho Man Randy Savage snapping into a Slim Jim. I haven't stopped thinkin' about you, bro! Just sayin', dug my Wrestling Buddy out of storage and been sleeping with him.

Hit the jump to have your Star Wars loving world torn apart.

Chewbacca Dance Video of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who's contemplating how much it would cost to buy the park and shut it down. Dude -- there's got to be an easier way. I suggest we sue them for Donald touching me when I was six. Something to the tune of, I dunno, FIVE BILLION DOLLARS season passes.

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