Mar 14 2011Two Hours Of Fatalities/Finishing Moves From (Predominately Terribly) Fighting Games


Angry vaj to the face!

This is two-hour Youtube video called 'Pixelated Blood' that features over 500 finishing-moves from some of the crappiest fighting games to ever exist. Except Primal Rage, Primal Rage was the shit. Plus I'm filled with it. *headbutts barista into cappuccino machine*

As you all may know by now - Mortal Kombat is finally coming back. To celebrate I felt the need to make a towering monument to depravity, the most bloody, stupid, irresponsibly violent thing possible.

This video is the result. Every fatality I know of from every commercially available 2D game, and some other stuff. I tried to keep redundancy to a minimum so if there are multiple versions of the same thing I just took one. It runs for nearly two hours, so buckle in for the long haul and scream along, or you can use the handy menu to skip to what interests you the most! You can return to the menu at any point by clicking the upper left corner of the screen. The games in each series are grouped together and those groups are in alphabetical order. I didn't put in Brutalities, Ultras or the normal finishers from Pray for Death either since they are mostly the same thing or just sad.

Make sure to use the menu by clicking the top left of the video so you can easily navigate through what you want to see. Because a lot of these suck. "Just like you, GW!" Yes, just like me. SO LONG AS WE'RE TALKIN' ABOUT SUCKLIN' THE NIP OF ADONIS! "Adonis was a dude." Are you sure? Because we kiss in my dreams.

Hit the jump for two-hours of 'damn, graphics have really come a long way'.


Thanks to Inter, who once performed a fatality on an arcade machine for eating his quarters. Quarters, or washers on a string? I KNOW WHAT YOU KIDS DO!

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WTF? I can't believe you actually watched the Entire Video... I skipped most of it...

Nice Share though...


primal rage ftw

omg now i want to kill everyone....

awesomeness begins at 1:01:30

B. Orchid = Best finish ever... and really, who's head doesn't explode every time they see bewbies?

How did they do 2 hours in YouTube???


vid makers fail... BlazBlue is 2008 and no blood spills in the whole game :P

You're filled with what - Primal Rage or shit?

watched entire video in background. was a good time.

Is the into music Papa Roach?

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I don't even know what the hell time slaughter is, but if you can find me a better fatality than one hooker flip-kicking another hookers body in half while the pimp and the other hookers watch and laugh... I REALLY want to know. Enjoy at 1:35:25


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Uh... why's BlazBlue in this?

Is That Taylor Swift?!.

hey is that britney spears? idk but that bump on her arm pit freaks me out.

Kano's fatalities are repeated several times.... heyyy give my money back


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