Learnin' By Lookin': A Visual History Of Sci-Fi

March 10, 2011


Note: No, it's not a Moby Dick/Cthulhu lovechild (although I've heard those do exist!), it's a visual history of science fiction. Click HERE to see the thing in full-res and get your history lesson on.

This is the visual history of science fiction as created by Ward Shelly (no relation to Mary Shelley). It's kind of complicated to look at, but there's definitely something for everyone to take away from it. For me it was a headache. But who knows -- maybe you'll develop an eye-twitch!

Place & Spaces 'Mapping Science' Contest
The History of Science Fiction [wired]

Thanks to Ryan, who sent me his own visual history of Geekologie. Ryan, this is a maze cut out of a Happy Meal Box *examining* THAT YOU BROKE LINES TO FINISH.

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