Interactive Map: If You Dug A Hole Straight Through Earth, Where Would You End Up?

March 31, 2011


Awesome, Los Angeles got me the middle of the Indian Ocean. Which, SPOILER ALERT: so will everywhere else in the continental United States. Alaska gets you close to Antarctica, but only Hawaii gets you on solid ground, in southern Africa. Weird, I could have sworn growing up I was told I'd pop out somewhere in Australia. *calling to cancel contract with mole-people* So much for that lucrative boomerang importing business! Wait a minute...*falsifying study about the healing properties of Indian Ocean water* Hello, Bucktooth McDigalot? WE'RE BACK ON!

Interactive Map (with bonus "if I walk in a straight line around the world, where will I pass"!)

Thanks to Little Digger JJ, who, despite the name, isn't actually a mole-person. Dammit I was hoping you might be able to get me a deal on this hole!

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