#$%&in' Furries: Horse Hoof Boots And Shoes

March 16, 2011


There are boots that look like hooves for all you Mr. Tumnus cosplayers out there. Which, I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm one of. What about you guys, let's get a show of hands. QUICK -- TRANQ-DART THESE FREAKS!

A carbon-fibre hoof and up to 5,000 individual horse hairs make up the £1,300 [~$2,100] shoes which were created by a team of fashion designers.

Model Louise Dainton, 25, who posed on a turf catwalk wearing the human horseshoes, said: "I'm not sure they are for everyone but I definitely want a pair of hooves."

Really, Louise? Of all the things I definitely want a pair of, hooves aren't one of them. Unstained underwear and fuzzy dice, yes. Hooves? Those are pretty low on my desired pair list. Right between 'nuts that haven't dropped' and 'moobs'.

Hit the jump for a higher-res shot of a pair and models modeling them.



Cheltenham Festival to showcase £1,300 horse hoof shoes [bbcnews]
£1,300 'hoof shoes' unveiled for Cheltenham Festival [swns]

Thanks to twellve, who doesn't wear hooves or fur and has mixed feelings about novelty t-shirts. Oh come on -- some are cool!

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